Birthday Card - 50 - Amazing Age To Be


Birthday Card - 50 - Amazing Age To Be Birthday Card - 50 - Amazing Age To Be

50 - Amazing age to be


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Funny 50th birthday card by Splimple


You're so privileged

. . . it's an amazing age to be.

So much insight in the ways of the world. All those incredible experiences. All those wild nights. The loves that stirred your passions. The extraordinary places you visited. The amazing people you met. The events that forged your character. The accumulated wisdom of fifty astonishing years.  

(inside reads . . ) . . . what a pity you can't remember anything further back than yesterday tea-time.

Fiftieth birthday card with a list of all the wonderful things the recipient has done, the people they've met and the places they've been over the fifty years and the wisdom that has been bestowed on them as a result. However the inside of the card brings them back down to earth by suggesting that they are now too old to remember any of it! Funny and cheeky card from the Wordies range. Published by Splimple, this greeting card measures approximately 6 x 6 inches and inside reads as detailed above.

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