Birthday Card - 60 - The New Forty


Birthday Card - 60 - The New Forty Birthday Card - 60 - The New Forty

60 - the new forty


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Funny 60th birthday card by Wordies

60 it's the new forty. Believe it, it really is!

You're still younger than Madonna, Tom Hanks, Kate Bush, Paul Weller, Theresa May, Johnnie Rotten, Dawn French, Lego, Sting, Donny Osmond, Annie Lennox and Erica (the oldest horse in the world). Sadly however . . .

(inside reads . . ) . . . you're still several years older than virtually all of the Cabinet and you've been around longer than Coronation Street.

More worryingly, when you were born the average house price was £2150, a pint of beer was 4p - and you could buy 40 Mars Bars for a quid!

Oh dear.

Sixtieth birthday card with a list of all the people who the recipient is still reassuringly younger than. However on the inside of the card there are some facts that are more unsettling! Funny card from the Wordies range. Published by Splimple, this greeting card measures approximately 6 x 6 inches and inside reads as detailed above.

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