Birthday Card - Didn't Forget Birthday


Birthday Card - Didn't Forget Birthday Birthday Card - Didn't Forget Birthday

Didn't forget birthday


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Funny belated birthday card by Wordies

I didn't forget.

I DID go out for a birthday card . . .

 . . . but was trampled by a crazed ostrich who'd escaped from the Gypsies. Whilst in hospital I was given an injection meant for the person opposite - leaving me clinically dead but having an out of body experience . . . where I saw you opening your birthday cards. But mine wasn't there. So I panicked. I re-entered my body and ran from the hospital wearing a theatre gown and singing Nellie the Elephant: next thing I knew I was in a shop waving a hypodermic - demanding they hand over all their birthday cards . . .

(inside reads) . . . unfortunately it was a butcher's shop. Three men in blood-soaked overalls hung me from a meat hook for two hours, then called the Police, who used me as a punch bag before throwing me into a cell, where I spent two days and nights with a schizophrenic dwarf called Colin who tried to convert me to Buddism before I got released on bail, at which point I ran to a shop to get you a belated birthday card.

Still, better late than never, eh?

Belated birthday card with a funny message detailing why the card has arrived late. Lovely humour from Stuart Caldwell and his Wordies range. Published by Splimple, this greeting card measures approximately 6 x 6 inches and inside reads as detailed above.

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