Birthday Card - Bad Influence - Have Another Drink?


Birthday Card - Bad Influence - Have Another Drink?

Bad influence - Have another drink?


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Funny birthday card by Technicolour

You're a bad influence

Should I have another drink?

Gopher it!

Birthday card with a funny caption to a photograph of a pair of Gophers. One declares that the other is a bad influence. When he asks if he should have another drink, the other, of course, replies 'gopher' it! [Editor's note: To those, like me, who grew up with Philip Schofield's 'Gordon the Gopher' on TV, I can tell you that gophers are real animals - I have seen them myself in America (though to date, I have never seen Philip Schofield)] From the Technicolour range published by Pigment, this greeting card measures approximately 7 x 5 inches and inside reads Happy Birthday!

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