Birthday Card - Ladybird Guide To Balls


Birthday Card - Ladybird Guide To Balls Birthday Card - Ladybird Guide To Balls

Ladybird guide to Balls

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Funny birthday card for him by Ladybird Books for Grown-Ups

A Ladybird guide to Balls

A birthday edition

Birthday card with a funny fake title for a Ladybird children's book. Great card for him, especially a sports fan. Published by Danilo, this greeting card measures approximately 7 x 5 inches and inside reads Oh balls, another year older! Happy Birthday.

Also inside the card is the following text with a Ladybird type take on man's enjoyment of sport:

This is a ball. A ball can bounce anywhere. Nobody knows where a ball might go. But the manager thinks he knows, and the fans think they know and the well-paid pundits think they know, so they speculate about it for most of their waking lives and everybody seems fine with that.

Sometimes when we are angry, we want to shout terrible, spiteful things at strangers in the street, but there are laws. We cannot do what we want, even if it makes us feel better. In a stadium it is different. You can even set your terrible, spiteful things to music.

Mark's wife bought him some tickets to the big match as a treat for working so hard since the twins were born. 

Mark met his friends in the pub before-hand.

He cannot remember who won. He cannot remember the score. He cannot remember what game they were playing.

Mark loves sport.

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