Birthday Card - Still Hanging In There


Birthday Card - Still Hanging In There

Still hanging in there


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Funny birthday card by Wordies

Another birthday?

Still hanging in there then?

A few more feet towards the grave,
a few more brain cells gone for good.
A few more names you can't recall,
a few more nights you wish you could.

A few more wrinkles on your face,
a few more hairs within your nose.
A few more pounds around your waist,
a few more bulges in your clothes.

A few more wee-wees in the night,
a few more vests to fight the cold.
A few more farts that just pop out,
a few more signs you're getting old.

(inside reads)  Phew!

Birthday card with a funny and cheeky poem for the recipient, about some of the signs of getting older. Lovely humour from Stuart Caldwell and his Wordies range. Published by Splimple, this greeting card measures approximately 6 x 6 inches and inside reads Phew!

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