Birthday Card - Mum - All Go Out For Birthday


Birthday Card - Mum - All Go Out For Birthday

Mum - all go out for birthday

UK Greetings

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Funny birthday card for Mum by Waving at Trains

Mum, let's all go out for your birthday.

'Great idea, try not to come back before I've finished my box set and prosecco!

Birthday card with a funny caption showing Mum, happy to hear that her family all want to go out for her birthday. This is because she misunderstands - she was delighted with the thought that the rest of the family might go out and leave her in peace to enjoy a box set and some Prosecco! From the Waving at Trains range published by UK Greetings. This card measures approximately 7 x 6 inches and inside reads Happy Birthday!

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