Funny Cards - Coffee In 1996 Versus Coffee In 2014


Funny Cards - Coffee In 1996 Versus Coffee In 2014

Coffee in 1996 versus Coffee in 2014


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Funny card by Truth Facts


Coffee in 1996:  Black coffee, Coffee with Cream and/or Sugar

Coffee in 2014: Cappuchino, Latte Single, Latte Double, Latte Triple, Espresso Single, Espresso Double, Gibraltar, Cafe au lait, Cafe con leche, Americano, Caffe tobio, Affogato, Mocha, Caffe Corretto, Frappe, Frappuccino, Pocillo, Espressino, Flat white, Cafe mistro, Half-caf, Melange, Ristretto, Skinny Latte, Soy/Almond Latte, Chai Latte, Ice coffee, French press, Marocchino

Funny greeting card comparing coffee choice today with that of twenty years ago! From the Truth Facts range by Woodmansterne, this card measures approximately 6 x 6 inches and is blank inside for your own message.

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