Funny Cards - How's The Apostrophe Business?


Funny Cards - How's The Apostrophe Business?

How's the apostrophe business?

Modern Toss

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Funny greeting card by Modern Toss

Punctuation Networking Event

'How's the old apostrophe business?'

'Yeah, bit quiet. Had a false call-out for a carrot sign last night. Greengrocer thought he needed a possessive, turned out he was after a straight plural.'

Greeting card with a funny cartoon showing a networking event for punctuation marks (these events are always on). A question mark asks an apostrophe how his business has been going. The apostrophe has to admit that its been a bit slow. He thought he was required at a greengrocers the previous evening but the grocer had mistakenly thought he needed to use an apostrophe for the plural of carrot! Wonderfully silly and original humour from Modern Toss. This card measures approximately 7 x 5 inches and is blank inside for your own message.

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