Funny Cards - Spider Removal Tool


Funny Cards - Spider Removal Tool Funny Cards - Spider Removal Tool

Spider removal tool


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Funny greeting card by Wordies

Humane spider removal tool.

Or bookmark. Or shopping list. Or toilet paper . . .

(inside reads) With a bit of imagination, you can get at least a year out of this card.

To use as Human Spider Removal Gadget, follow these instructions:

1. Let the spider crawl onto the card

2. Plonk a glass over it

3. Take it outside

4. (optional) remove the glass and stamp on it*

*The publisher of this card, Splimple Limited, does not recommend this course of action and seeks to encourage the longevity of all spiders. Honest. No really, we do.

Greeting card that has a multi function - it also doubles as a spider catching device. Full instructions are on the inside for the uninitiated! Great humour from the Wordies range by Splimple. This card measures approximately 6 x 6 inches and inside reads as detailed above.

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