Funny Cards - Have A Happy . . .


Funny Cards - Have A Happy . . . Funny Cards - Have A Happy . . .

Have a happy . . .


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Funny greeting card by Wordies

Have a happy:

Day   Birthday   Anniversary   Christmas   Mother's Day   Father's Day   House Move   Retirement   Pregnancy   Menopause   Divorce   Poo   Amputation   Life without me   Prison sentence   Funeral

Tick as appropriate

(inside reads . . .)    I've sent you this card:   because you're nice   out of habit   so I don't have to visit you   to save me buying you a gift   because I feel sorry for you   out of duty   because I want something

Greeting card with multiple uses for various occasions with a tick box for both the occasion and also for the message inside! Funny catch-all card from the Wordies range, published by Splimple. This card measures approximately 6 x 6 inches and inside reads as above.

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