Mother's Day Cards - Blissfully Unaware She Had Children


Mother's Day Cards - Blissfully Unaware She Had Children

Blissfully unaware she had children

UK Greetings

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Funny Mother's Day card by Waving at Trains

For about ten seconds every morning, Mum woke up blissfully unaware that she had children . . .

. . . those were the best ten seconds of her day.

Mother's Day card with a funny caption to an image of a mum waking up in the morning. The suggestion is that those few seconds before she is fully awake are the happiest of her day - before she realises she has children! Children to look after, feed, clean up after, help go to the toilet, dress, wash their clothes, ferry to school, help with homework, bath, get ready for bed, try and keep under some sort of control . . . exhausting isn't it. Great humour from the Waving at Trains range published by UK Greetings. This cards measures approximately 7 x 6 inches and inside reads Happy Mother's Day!

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