New Home Card - New Home - Enjoy The Moment


New Home Card - New Home - Enjoy The Moment New Home Card - New Home - Enjoy The Moment

New Home - Enjoy the Moment


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Funny New Home card by Wordies

Aaah, a new home.

How lovely . . . enjoy the moment.

A fresh start. A new environment. A wonderful excuse for some new furniture. New curtains. New smells. New experiences. All in all thoroughly exhilarating. Take a deep breath and savour the moment . . .

(inside reads) . . . a week from now you'll have met the neighbours from hell, you'll have uncovered the Council's plans for the new traveller's site, some strange stains will have appeared on the kitchen ceiling - and you'll have found the nasty surprise left by the hilarious previous occupants. (But hey, let's not pour cold water on your happy day)

New Home card with a funny message for the recipient, initially discussing all the wonderful new experiences in store before going on to mention all the worrying things they might find affecting their new house. Great humour from the Wordies range by Splimple. This greeting card measures approximately 6 x 6 inches and inside reads as detailed above.

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