Took Van Gogh six months to paint


Humorous card by Irene & Gladys

Apparently it took Van Gogh six months to paint his 'Bedroom at Arles'

That's noting - four years I've waited for Brian to gloss the skirting board in ours!

Greeting card with a humorous caption about two elderly ladies - Irene and Gladys - visiting an art gallery and commenting on Vincent Van Gogh's 'Bedroom at Arles' painting, noting that it took him six months to paint the bedroom - but that's nothing compared to the time it has taken Gladys's husband to paint their bedroom at home! Great humour by Alex Lowe, the comedian who creates the captions for the Irene & Gladys range. Published by Cardmix, this card measures approximately 6 x 6 inches and is blank inside for your own message.

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