Powerful LSD

£2.69 GBP
£2.69 GBP

Humorous greeting card by Objectables

For your birthday present this year I impregnated this card with extremely powerful Californian LSD. It's so powerful just touching this card will make you super high. Don't believe me. Wait a second. One more second. And . . . See. It's already working. Don't worry it's strong but it should only last a few days, you'll be fine, just don't go outside. Why? Because of the marshmallow elephants eating all the bicycles in the fromage park. What? Nothing . . . Potatoes . . . Pot ate toes. Wooooooaaah. fuuuuuuck.

Greeting card with a humorous statement, pretending that the card contains very strong LSD with trippy consequences. Hilarious, original humour from Objectables. This card measures approximately 7 x 5 inches and is blank inside for your own message.

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