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Feb 25, 2014alan auld

The Comedy Card Company is delighted to announce the arrival of a great range of funny cards featuring the cartoons of Pugh. Jonathan Pugh is an award winning newspaper cartoonist who worked for many years on The Times as their front page Pocket Cartoonist, and more recently has joined the Daily Mail. His cartoons focus on everyday life and the impact of events on ordinary people, rather than the events themselves. Have a laugh at some of these humorous cards . . .


Jonathan Pugh (born 1962) wanted to be a cartoonist from the age of five. He was 'always doodling as a boy' and found drawing to be a lovely escape. He first studied law which presented him with hours of doodling practice! After a brief stint as an Art Teacher, he began his career as a freelance cartoonist in 1987.

Within ten years, Pugh was the front page pocket cartoonist on The Times. He feels at home with the small format of the pocket cartoon and says that 'anything much bigger and I'm drowning at sea.'

In 2001, he described his work for The Times ; 'it's invariably a front page story which defines what I'm going to work on that afternoon. It's generally the Times deputy editor who decides on the cartoon - I given them a choice of seven or eight ideas. I'll do rough drawings with a caption underneath which will give him an idea of what the cartoon might look like. I have a deadline of about four hours and it can take between 10 minutes and four hours. The time consuming bit is generally getting the caption right. The drawing I can get done quite quickly - in about half an hour generally.'

Pugh draws the impact of events on ordinary people, not the events themselves. 'My cartoons have always been about everyday life. . . I was once asked to produce a daily cartoon on Iraq, but death and bombs aren't funny, so I focused on life's irritations - all that sand, machines not working and equipment shortages.'

His characters 'tend to come out looking a bit lumpy and slumped and jowly and battered by life's events, but that's how most of us are.'

In 2010, Pugh became the pocket cartoonist for the Daily Mail. As well as The Times and the Daily Mail, his work has appeared in The Guardian, The Independent, The Observer, Punch, Spectator, Country Life, Private Eye and The Tablet.   Jonathan Pugh has been voted the Cartoon Art Trust Pocket Cartoonist of the Year on five occasions and he has also won the Cartoonist of the Year at the British Press Awards.


These funny greeting cards, featuring Pugh cartoons, all measure approximately 7 x 5 inches and are blank inside for your own message. View our range of Pugh cartoon cards

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