A superb collection of funny greeting cards, featuring various ranges all published by Woodmansterne. Here we present humorous cartoons and illustrations from Speed Bump, Loose Parts, Snelse, They Can Talk, Tim Cordell, Hysterical Histories, World of Moose, Off the Leash, Irene & Gladys, Fred, Genius, Quentin Blake and many more . . .

Printed in the UK on FSC certified board.


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Funny Greeting CardWoodmansterneComedy Card CompanyHorse - Hip replacement
Funny Greeting CardWoodmansterneComedy Card CompanyYour call is important
Funny CardsWoodmansterneComedy Card CompanyDog chased guy on bike
Funny Greeting CardWoodmansterneComedy Card CompanyBrian?
£2.69 GBP
Funny Greeting CardWoodmansterneComedy Card CompanyCat - Scratching post
Birthday CardWoodmansterneComedy Card CompanyNot old - In de Nile
Funny Greeting CardWoodmansterneComedy Card CompanyDog - Unwell v Drunk
humorous greeting cardWoodmansterneComedy Card CompanyPigeon poo
£2.89 GBP
Pigeon poo
humorous greeting cardWoodmansterneComedy Card CompanyPat the Dog
£2.89 GBP
Pat the Dog
Funny CardsCardmixComedy Card CompanyWhat have I forgotten?
humorous greeting cardWoodmansterneComedy Card CompanyAlphabetical order
Funny Greeting CardWoodmansterneComedy Card CompanyGender Reveal Party
Funny CardsWoodmansterneComedy Card CompanyEveryone hide!
£2.69 GBP
Everyone hide!
humorous greeting cardWoodmansterneComedy Card CompanySandy point
£2.89 GBP
Sandy point
humorous greeting cardWoodmansterneComedy Card CompanyPop in my knee
£2.89 GBP
Pop in my knee
Funny CardsCardmixComedy Card CompanyThe Pre-wash
£2.89 GBP
The Pre-wash
Funny CardsWoodmansterneComedy Card CompanyCould be worse
£2.69 GBP
Could be worse