Funny Birthday Cards

Have a laugh at our range of funny birthday cards! The best range of cards available online, with a wide range of humour, from all of the best publishers both big and small. All with the purpose of making the recipient smile as they get another year older!

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Birthday CardPigmentComedy Card CompanyOne minute young and fit
Birthday CardBewilderbeestComedy Card CompanyHeard there was cake
Birthday CardRosie Made a ThingComedy Card CompanyOne year more fabulous
Birthday CardComedy Card CompanyComedy Card Company8 out of 10 cats
Birthday CardComedy Card CompanyComedy Card CompanyBedding plants
£2.49 GBP
Bedding plants
Birthday CardPigmentComedy Card CompanyBirthday wish came true
Birthday CardSimon DrewComedy Card CompanyEarlier it gets Late
Birthday CardRunning with ScissorsComedy Card CompanyInjure yourself sleeping
Birthday CardRedbackComedy Card CompanyLeg through pants
Birthday CardComedy Card CompanyComedy Card CompanyInterpretive dance
Birthday CardSally ScaffardiComedy Card CompanyBeen Briefed
£2.89 GBP
Been Briefed
Birthday CardGreat British Card CompanyComedy Card CompanyShall I get a trolley?
Funny Greeting CardNew YorkerComedy Card CompanySpeedo Limit
£2.59 GBP
Speedo Limit
Birthday CardComedy Card CompanyComedy Card CompanyMan celebrates
£2.49 GBP
Man celebrates
Funny Greeting CardPaperlinkComedy Card CompanySex in the morning
Birthday CardPickled PrintsComedy Card CompanyOldie
£2.69 GBP
Birthday CardComedy Card CompanyComedy Card CompanyDifficult time
£2.49 GBP
Difficult time