Best of the Rest

Our 'Best of the Rest' collection comprises greeting cards from smaller publishers or ranges with a limited number of designs. A wonderfully eclectic mix of humour, from a diverse range of artists and card designers.


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Birthday CardRunning with ScissorsComedy Card CompanyInjure yourself sleeping
Rude CardsScribblerComedy Card CompanyNot to use bleach
Birthday CardPickled PrintsComedy Card CompanyI get you a card
Birthday CardRunning with ScissorsComedy Card CompanyBirthday Bubbly
Birthday CardPickled PrintsComedy Card CompanyOldie
£2.69 GBP
Funny CardsRusty PencilComedy Card CompanyGreatest Misses
Birthday CardScribblerComedy Card CompanyCheap jokes at elderly
Funny CardsPickled PrintsComedy Card CompanyWhich emergency service
Funny CardsScribblerComedy Card CompanyDaily Routine
£2.79 GBP
Daily Routine
Birthday CardPickled PrintsComedy Card CompanyGot you a necklace
Birthday CardRunning with ScissorsComedy Card CompanyMusic you clubbed to
Birthday CardScribblerComedy Card CompanyLegend was Born
Birthday CardRunning with ScissorsComedy Card CompanyOld Bean
£2.89 GBP
Old Bean
Funny Greeting CardScribblerComedy Card CompanyWhat's for dinner
Birthday CardRunning with ScissorsComedy Card CompanyArgue at Ikea
£2.89 GBP
Argue at Ikea
Funny CardsScribblerComedy Card CompanyNot drinking alone
Birthday CardPickled PrintsComedy Card CompanyFound in a skip
Valentines cardsPaper PlaneComedy Card CompanyI Want You
£2.69 GBP
I Want You
Birthday CardPickled PrintsComedy Card CompanySmear cake on face