Comedian Tim Vine creates his own funny greeting card range

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Popular comedian Tim Vine has created a range of funny greeting cards featuring doodles captioned with his famous one-liners and puns.

Tim Vine is known for his quick-fire humour, one-liners and puns. He is a popular figure on the stand up comedy circuit and has also written several joke books. He has won the best joke award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on two occasions - in 2010 and again in 2014 (the only person to have ever won it twice). His winning joke in 2014 was 'I decided to sell my Hoover . . . well it was just collecting dust' has recently been made into a greeting card.

The joke that won in 2010 was 'I've just been on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. I'll tell you what, never again'. His range of greeting cards have been published by Woodmansterne, a publisher who produces top quality cards so he is in good hands. Here is one of his classic puns:

The cards are packed full of Tim Vine's sense of humour. We love this one about the patient writing to his doctor, thanking him for the wonderful tablets he has prescribed for tiredness . . .

Here is a video of Tim Vine performing on BBC's Live at the Apollo. Great fun!

Here is another video of his performance at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

You can see our range of Tim Vine cards in our Woodmansterne collection.

View our Woodmansterne Cards

New collection of cards packed full of quirky humour

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We welcome Ohh Deer, a range of greeting cards featuring contemporary illustration combined with quirky humour.

Ohh Deer began life in 2011, created by University friends Jamie Mitchell and Mark Callaby. Their idea was to create a platform to help illustrators find an audience for their work and showcase their designs. They started working with just ten illustrators and have since increased that to over a hundred. Throughout their range of cards, the common thread is definitely quirkiness and contemporary design. Oh, and a good sense of humour!

One of their most successful illustrators is Gemma Correll.

Ohh Deer also publish a range of cards based on the Mr Men and Little Miss characters. These beloved characters were originally created by Roger Hargreaves and the resulting children's books were hugely popular. They make for great greeting cards, especially if you can find a recipient to match the character!


We also love the range by Lindsey Thomas, featuring funny captions to photographs of some felt cats.

If like me, you like some truly quirky humour, take a look at this one by Poorly Drawn Lines . . .

This is a small selection of the Ohh Deer range. As you can see, there is wide range of designs. Take a look at the whole Ohh Deer range

We welcome humorous cards from UK Greetings

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UK Greetings is one of the largest card publishers in the country. We have cherry picked the best from their humorous ranges to create a fun new collection of cards.

UK Greetings is a very large card publisher, producing a vast range of greeting cards. Their cards can be found in most greeting card shops, department stores and supermarkets. Within their ranges, they produce some humour ranges. At the Comedy Card Company, we have been selling two of their most popular humour ranges - the satirical humour of New Yorker and Traces of Nuts, featuring cheeky cartoons by Tim Whyatt - for some time and these are listed separately on our website. 

We have cherry picked the best cards from the rest of the humorous ranges, creating a wonderfully eclectic mix of humour in our new UK Greetings collection. As UK Greetings won the licence to use Disney characters in 2013, the range also includes some Disney favourites - from Princesses and Pixar film characters, to Star Wars and of course The Muppets!

The range includes some great caption cards, especially the Waving at Trains range, which we love . . .

The range also includes some classic Bamforth cartoons. Bamforth was one of the most successful publishers of saucy seaside postcards, back in their heyday of the 1950s. A great piece of British culture, these cartoons often revolve around cheeky double entendre. Despite the government at the time trying to crack down on the seaside postcard industry, which they found distasteful, Bamforth survived. Some of their original cartoons now sell for a lot of money in auction houses. Many of these cartoons and still funny today . . .


The collection is made up predominantly of birthday cards and also includes some great cards for her . . .

Why not take a look out our range of cards by UK Greetings?

New greeting cards by Harold's Planet

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We love Harold's Planet. Harold is an adorable character who has a wonderful take on life. He seems to manage to avoid stress and enjoy the good things in life, like wine - actually he seems to enjoy lots of wine! (And chocolate.) Created by Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar, this greeting card range is not only funny but heart warming too.

We are delighted to present several new designs in this popular range. Here are some of our favourites amongst the new designs . . .

Enjoy this video showing Harold managing to do his Yoga whilst still drinking red wine . . . 

View our entire Harold's Planet Card Range

We welcome a new range of funny cards - Country Cards

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Country Cards produce a great range of greeting cards featuring classic cartoons. We are delighted to add them to our collection of funny cards and we hope you like them too.

Bold, colourful cartoons featuring classic humour, this range of cards has truly broad appeal. We are delighted to add them to our stable of humorous cards. The Country Cards humour range feature the talents of many different cartoonists but somehow manages to have a similar feel across the range. Notable talents include Lee Fearnley (who is also the cartoonist in our 'Fernz' range), Rich Skipworth, Tony Husband and Royston Robertson. They produce cartoons with timeless humour.

All the cards in this range are blank inside so can be used for many different occasions. Here are some of our favourites . . .

This range of greeting cards represents good value at £1.99 each. View all of the Country Cards Range

Humour themes of funny Father's Day cards

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Let's take a look at the topics and themes that are used by greeting card publishers when thinking about the humorous aspects of dad on father's day

Father's Day is one of our favourite of all the so called 'Spring Seasons' - in the greeting card world this encompasses Valentine's, Easter, Mother's day and, of course, Father's day. This is because, at the Comedy Card Company, we specialise in humorous cards and it seems that poor old dad comes in for lots of cheeky, mickey-taking fun on Father's Day.

This means lots of hilarious cards for us to choose from to create our funny Father's Day card range. Humorous subjects abound for dad. Whereas the humour in Mother's Day cards can often be more respectful or reserved, the greeting card publishers let rip on dad! Of course he can take it with his great sense of humour can't he?

Dad's Lazyness

Is this true? Surely not. However, it would appear that dad's amount of sofa lounging and lack of help with household chores has not gone unnoticed. Lots of cards pick up on this.

Dad's Flatulence

An amazing number of cards poke fun at the amount of gas emanating from father's bottom! 

Dad's Jokes

Did you hear the one about . . . ? Many cards point out that father's jokes are getting old and the humour is wearing thin.

Dad's Wisdom and Knowledge

With a lifetime of experience, a father can pass so much knowledge onto his children which of course is gratefully received.

Dad's DIY skills

Another popular subject revolves around father's attempt at DIY. Why pay an over-priced tradesman when you can do it yourself? 

Take a look at this hilarious videos of some DIY disasters . . .

Dad's Obsession with Sport

Some dads live for their sport whether that is playing it or watching it endlessly on TV, shouting and cheering through the game. We have lots of card focussing either on a father's time spent watching sport or having a stab at playing it. We have lots of hilarious cards about golf in particular.

Dad's Parenting Skills

No one can compare to mum in child rearing skills but dad did change that nappy every now and again, didn't he? I'm sure he never dropped the baby more than a couple of times . . .

Dad Dancing

Why do dads even bother going onto the dance floor when it seems that there is a multitude of people just waiting to smirk at his groovy dance moves. If only they had seen him back in the day, in his prime . . .

Have a laugh at this informative video demonstrating the evolution of dad dancing . . .

We can have a right old laugh with dad but we also love him for this very reason. Don't forget to tell your dad just how much you love him this Father's Day on Sunday 18th June. 

View our Father's Day Card Range

New cards by the ever popular newspaper cartoonist MATT

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Newly released cards featuring the talents of Telegraph newspaper cartoonist Matthew Pritchett, better known simply as MATT

Matthew Pritchett has won the UK Press Award for 'Cartoonist of the Year' no less than five times and he was awarded an MBE in 2002. He has graced the pages of the Daily Telegraph since 1988, where he signs his cartoons simply as 'Matt'. He has been amusing us for many years. His greeting cards are published by Woodmansterne and I am glad to report that they have released some new designs:

One of our favourites of the new designs is this one about employing someone to do your 'alcohol free days' on your behalf.

We also love this topical one about the Brexit vote, comparing the decision of the UK to leave the EU to letting the cat out!

Another classic cartoon features a family using a drone to do their school run for them - now there's an idea.

Here is a video with Matt discussing his typical day and how he creates his famous cartoons:

View our range of Matt Cartoon Cards

One our favourite funny card ranges released this year

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We introduce a wonderful new range of funny greeting cards that have been launched this Spring.

'They Can Talk' is a range of cards featuring funny cartoons involving animals. Simple, contemporary design matched with a great sense of humour, these greeting cards have broad appeal. 

Many publishers release new designs / ranges in early Spring and this range really caught our eye when we visited the trade fairs at the start of the year. Featuring the greeting cards of many of the UK's best card publishers - both large and small - these trade fairs are a showcase to the talents of card designers and publishers. Its always great to find a new range that is truly funny. We hope you like these as much as we do.

'They Can Talk' features the humour of cartoonist Jimmy Craig. The range is published by Woodmansterne.

Click to view all of our Woodmansterne Cards

Here is a video featuring Jimmy (he plays the cat) which demonstrates the difference between dogs and cats - hilarious!

New! Lots of hilariously rude cards by Brainbox Candy

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We have lots of great new designs in the cheeky Brainbox Candy range

Brainbox Candy is one of our most popular ranges, known for being a bit different, fresh, original and quite edgy. This Spring, they have published lots of new designs packed full of their cheeky sense of humour.

There is a new range entitled The Type Society, featuring funny, sometimes rude, statements presented in a colourful card. This is one of our favourites . . .

We also have some new designs in the ever popular Board Silly range. Featuring messages for the recipient spelled out in a canteen style notice board, this bold range is one of our best selling ranges. Here is a favourite amongst the new designs.

Another brand new range is called Hand Shandy, featuring hand gestures with accompanying text - both of which are often on the rude side!

An enduring range with Brainbox Candy is their Warning range - colourful cards in the style of a warning sign. We love this design featuring a little birthday ditty in Jazzy format!

In the style of a vintage metal sign, the Grin and Tonic range is beautifully printed and features the same wonderfully cheeky humour.

Finally we have a couple of new designs in the Rotten Rhymes range, aptly named as they feature rude variations to classic nursery rhymes. The one about Old Mother Hubbard being furious about Brexit is a favourite . . .

View our range of Brainbox Candy Cards

We welcome a new card range - say hello to Paper Rose

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We have added a new range of funny greeting cards by publisher Paper Rose, featuring NAF, Grintastic, Andrew Wright cartoons and cheeky Plastic Pam.

It is with pleasure that the Comedy Card Company announces the arrival of a new range of humorous cards. Paper Rose produce several funny card ranges, including NAF - a previous winner of a Henries Award for Best Humour Range. Also wonderful, colourful cartoons by Andrew Wright, Grintastic illustrations and a cheeky range called Plastic Pam which involves captions to photographs of Barbie type dolls in compromising positions!

NAF is an enduring range by award winning cartoonist Andy McKay who has a truly fine sense of humour. This cartoon is one of our favourites - a woman gives a young girl some advice about the claims of potential husbands - if he says he owns a castle, make sure you see it first as it might be a bouncy castle!

Grintastic is a range of cards with colourful illustrations. One of our favourites has to be the 'drinking can cause memory loss' card. Did you know that drinking can cause memory loss? One of our favourite cards is the one about drinking causing memory loss . . . !

Colourful cartoons by Andrew Wright are also part of the Paper Rose stable. We love the one about the dog that isn't fully house trained - or is it the husband?

Finally what can we say about the Plastic Pam range. Hilarious captions to photographs of Barbie type dolls in all manner of dubious settings. You may never look at a Barbie doll in the same light again! Great, cheeky humour by Kirsty Hotson. 


See our full range of Paper Rose Cards




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