Funny Christmas card themes

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There are various different aspects of Christmas that greeting card publishers poke fun at to create their humorous Christmas cards. Lets have a laugh and walk through some of the favourite themes for funny Christmas cards.



First on the list is poor old Santa. Father Christmas comes in for a fair amount of stick; his dress sense, his massive workload and of course all these ‘Dear Santa’ letters he has to contend with.

In the classic Santa & Co range by cartoonist Jamie Charteris, Santa and Rudolph become a true comedy double act!


The Seasonal Goodwill

There are many designs that revolt against the seasonal goodwill and merriness that is (supposed!) to abound this time of year. The satirical humour of Modern Toss is the perfect antidote to all that festive cheer . . .



or the cheeky humour of Brainbox Candy . . .



Christmas brings snow (or it did prior to global warming) and that produces snowmen. The humble, innocent snowman is not immune to the cartoonist at this time of year . . .


Three Wise Men

When it comes to the Nativity story, the Three Wise Men come in for the most attention. Firstly, some people are incredulous that they could ever actually find three wise men. Then there is the task of finding Bethlehem and the bringing of gifts. There is some suggestion that if three wise women had appeared, rather than three wise men, things could have been a lot better!


Family Christmas

Of course Christmas would not be Christmas without spending all that quality time with one’s family. A lot of greeting card cartoonists capitalise on the reality of spending so much time with family members and the resultant joy!


Speaking about spending so much time with the family, the accustomed remedy and saviour is the alcoholic tipple . . .

The Christmas Dinner

The high expectations of the Christmas dinner and the resultant stress that ensues makes for some great humour. There is so much pressure to create the 'perfect Christmas'. The following cards provide some light relief to the stress of trying to create a wonderful dinner by following a celebrity chef's recipe!


And of course, don’t forget the poor turkey . ..


Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping and the joy it gives some and the more typical dread it gives others, leads to some hilarious cards.


Men at Christmas

Man gets a fair amount of abuse about his stereotypical behaviour of not helping enough, drinking too much, lounging about . . .



Dogs feature heavily in funny cards all year round and I guess Christmas is no exception!


These are just some of the popular humour categories for Christmas cards. At the Comedy Card Company, we have a huge selection of funny Christmas cards. We also a separate page featuring some downright RUDE Christmas cards - hilarious, but not for the easily offended.

Merry Christmas to all!

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We launch this year's funny Christmas cards!

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We proudly present our collection of humorous Christmas cards for 2016.

At the Comedy Card Company we believe that if you are going to send a greetings card it might as well make the recipient giggle - and what better gift to give at Christmas, than a bit of laughter!

Christmas is a big season for us and we are always excited to present our collection of Christmas cards, showcasing a wide variety of humour (our aim is always to have something for everyone). From contemporary designs, to classic cartoons to the downright rude, we have a wide range of styles and humour on offer.

Here, we'll walk you through some of our major card ranges featured in this years Christmas card line up.

One of our new ranges is Rosie Made a Thing. 'The Henries' are the greeting card industry's awards, and Rosie Made a Thing was this year's Henries winner for Best Humorous Range. We think her Christmas cards will be best sellers this year. This design is one of our favourites.

For some time, Jamie Charteris's cartoons that grace his 'Santa & Co' and 'Wit and Wisdom' ranges have been amongst our most popular Christmas cards - timeless, classic designs. Funny, without being offensive, these colourful cards have a broad appeal. His Santa and Co range features interaction and mischief involving Santa and Rudolph, the pair becoming a comedy double act!

Jamie Charteris's Wit and Wisdom range revolves more around the Nativity scene, the shepherds and the Three Wise Men . . .

Modern Toss is a card publisher noted for its dry sense of humour and crudely drawn cartoons. We love their Christmas cards which take a very satirical view of this time of year - a perfect antidote to all that happiness and goodwill!

Drama Queen is a range of cards featuring humorous captions to old theatrical photographs. The captions are penned by comedian Alex Lowe and his superb sense of humour is the reason for the Drama Queen's enduring success. Drama Queen release a brand new range each Christmas. Their Christmas cards are given some extra colourful sparkle, in the form of some colourful glitter, in keeping with the season! Here is one of our favourites of this years's Drama Queen cards.

Buddy Fernandez produces a range of 'honest' cards with a simple, blunt, tell-it-like-it-is statements. It is hard to produce a greeting card with nothing more than text on the front - no cartoons or illustrations here - and to make it genuinely funny. Buddy Fernandez has truly mastered this and have created an original, bold range of cards. Here is one of their classic Christmas designs.

Simon Drew creates his beautiful illustrations in his gallery in Dartmouth, Devon. Noted for his clever wordplay, fine humour, combined with superb artwork, he describes himself as 'half artist, half wit'. He has some wonderful Christmas cards designs.

Quitting Hollywood are noted for their cheeky captions, sometimes quite rude but always funny. Here is a wonderful new design for this year . . .

Here is another of Quitting Hollywood's cards - this is one of my personal all-time favourites.


Sarah Ray produces lovely, contemporary designs both heart warming and wickedly funny at the same time. This design about a beautiful seasonal robin that has just been eaten by a cat is her best selling design.


Dean Morris is known for his colourful, cheeky, cards which can also be on the rude side! Many of his cards feature in our rude Christmas card section. Hilarious captions and cheeky seasonal messages abound!

Twizler publish a range of cards by cartoonist Michael Canine and his Christmas cards sell particularly well. His 'Bugger' card, showing some polar bears at a party where one of them has spilt red wine down its front, is always very popular.


Brainbox Candy is one of our year-round best selling publishers. Always a bit different, with fresh original design mixed with a great sense of humour. This is one of their classic designs, featuring a cheeky message spelled out in magnetic letters on a fridge door.


Rupert Fawcett is the talented cartoonist behind two of our Christmas card ranges. Fred is an adorable character, created by Rupert some years ago. Together with his wife Penelope, we see how they cope with the trials of the festive season.

Rupert is also the cartoonist who has created the successful 'Off the Leash' range revolving around dogs and how they interact with us humans. This is one of our favourites for this year.

Kiss me Kwik is a card publisher from Brighton and their designs are often full of cheeky seaside humour. Quirky, original designs that can be hilariously rude and edgy too.

UK Greetings is the largest card publisher in the UK and a lot of different ranges publish under the UK greetings umbrella. One of their ranges is the ever popular New Yorker cards featuring some classic, satirical cartoons taken from the famous The New Yorker magazine.

Kook is range of cards published by Paperlink featuring contemporary design and humour. Their design about a girl writing a letter to Santa asking for a big fat bank account and a thin body, and requesting that he doesn't mix these up again this year, is a best seller!

Cath Tate produce a superb range of caption cards and this design, about a woman clearly surprised that there were ever really three wise men, is one of the most popular in the range.

These are just some of our ranges within this year's Christmas card collection. View the full range by clicking here.

We also have an hilarious range of rude Christmas cards - perhaps not for the easily offended, but great to give your mates a laugh at this time of year. We have great, cheeky cards from Dean Morris, Brainbox Candy, Kiss me Kwik and Quitting Hollywood. View our range of rude Christmas cards.

We hope you enjoy browsing through this year's Christmas cards, and we hope some make you laugh. Lastly we wish all of our lovely customers a very happy Christmas and New Year. Merry Christmas!

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We welcome a lovely new range of funny greeting cards

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Say hello to Rosie Made a Thing, a delightful range of greeting cards with contemporary design and a great sense of humour!

In this year's Henries Awards, the greeting card industry's equivalent of the Oscars, Rosie Made a Thing walked off with the award for the Best Humorous Range. This is no surprise when you browse this lovely range of cards featuring contemporary drawings and design mixed with a fresh, original sense of humour.

In her own words, Rosie says that her cards are " . . . designed by a girl in her pyjamas who loves sweets.  They are inspired by everyday things that make us smile - friends, family and dogs in knitwear.  And 2 or 3 glasses of wine." Certainly friendship and wine seem to play a large part in many of the designs!

There is also a superb range of Christmas cards. In fact the one below may just be my favourite for this year . . .

The greeting cards are beautifully printed on quality card. They measure approximately 5.5 x 5.5 inches and retail for £2.50 each.

View the Rosie Made a Thing range

This year's funny Christmas cards by Drama Queen

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Drama Queen release a fresh set of funny Christmas cards every year. This ever popular range feature captions to old theatrical photographs.

Drama Queen has not disappointed this year, producing a great range of greeting cards packed full of seasonal humour! From old theatrical photographs, comedian Alex Lowe writes truly hilarious captions. The Christmas versions of the Drama Queen cards are given a dash of festive glitter to give them more sparkle.

The Drama Queen range was a finalist for a Henry Cole award this year in the Henries, which is the greeting card industry's equivalent of the Oscars. The Henry Cole award is for greeting card ranges that are acknowledged as having stood the test of time, a true classic range.

There is also a good range of Christmas designs for specific family relatives, such as mum, dad, son, sister, etc

Drama Queen Christmas cards measures approximately 6 x 6 inches and retail at £2.50 while the larger ones for family relatives are 7 x 6 inches and retail at £2.69.

Browse our entire range of Humorous Christmas Cards


Norman & Brenda - Hilarious new range of cards

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Norman and Brenda are adorable characters created by cartoonist Geoff Tristram. The greeting card range is colourful, funny and a little bit cheeky too!

At the Comedy Card Company, we are always excited to add a new collection of funny cards to our website. We recently came across the new Norman & Brenda range and knew we just had to have it! 

Created by Geoff Tristram, a very successful artist whose work ranges from fine art and illustration to cartoons and comedy novels! He has been involved in a truly diverse spectrum of work - from being commissioned to paint the 400th anniversary portrait of Shakespeare to designing the stamp for the Royal Wedding of Charles and Diana.

His Norman & Brenda greeting cards are colourful, and very funny. Some of them are also a little bit rude too, reminiscent of cheeky seaside postcards.

These greeting cards measure approximately 7 x 5 inches. The range is published by Saffron, a card publisher based in Surrey.

View our Saffron Card Range.


Cardmix - a new collection of hilariously funny cards!

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We launch a range of funny greeting cards, all published by Cardmix, with a delightfully varied sense of humour

Cardmix are contemporary publishers of greeting cards, with a strong bias towards humorous cards. We already sell their highly popular Drama Queen, Off the Leash and Have I Got News for You ranges and these are listed separately on our website. We are delighted to now launch a mix of Cardmix's other humour ranges - a lovely mix of humour!

On the Prowl

A range of funny cards involving cats by established and successful cartoonist Rupert Fawcett. Rupert Fawcett is also the creator of the adorable character Fred and the Off the Leash range about dogs. This time, he turns his attention to cats - their exploits and how they interact with humans. Some of these feline scenarios will be very familiar to cat owners!

Photo Cardmix

A range of cards featuring photographs of dogs with funny captions in the style of social media posts. 

Irene & Gladys

Irene and Gladys are two old friends visiting an art gallery, looking at famous works of art and revealing their hilarious thoughts. Captions penned by Alex Lowe (the comedian also behind the Drama Queen ranges) and Pantelis Georgio.


Fresh, contemporary humour from Dan Crisp. Illustrations of domestic objects throwing insults or sexual flattery at each other - truly original, inspired work from Dan.

Ed McLachlan

Ed McLachlan is a long established cartoonist whose work has appeared in Punch, Private Eye and The Spectator as well as a host of newspapers, magazines, and books. Classic cartoons that reveal an inventive imagination and a superb sense of humour!

Love Sick

A contemporary range of cards with vibrant, simply drawn cartoons by Jessie Cave, a young actress, comedian and cartoonist. She is best known for her role as Lavender Brown in the Harry Potter films. She also releases comedy sketches online, from which this range of cards has been created.

Tools of the Trade

Hilarious captions to pictures of tradesmen at work penned by Alex Lowe, the comedian who is also behind the successful Drama Queen range.

Take a look at the Cardmix Range

We launch this year's funny Father's Day cards!

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Our 2016 collection of funny cards for Father's Day

Father's day is our favourite of all of the greeting card 'spring seasons' (Valentine's, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day) mainly because it is the funniest!

We only sell humorous cards at the Comedy Card Company so Father's Day is right up our street. This is because, for some reason, it is generally accepted that we can poke lots of fun at dad whereas we give our Valentines, our mums and certainly the Easter bunny less of a hard time!

The humour of Father's Day card tends to relate to how good a parent dad is compared to mum, how much dad drinks, how lazy he is, how bad he is at DIY, or how bad his flatulence is. Poor dad - good job he has a great sense of humour!

Father's Day falls on Sunday 19th June this year (UK, USA and Canada). Why not make dad laugh this year with one of our funny cards?

View our range of Funny Father's Day Cards

Just in! Greeting cards with the quirky humour of Sarah Ray

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We are delighted to present a new range of funny greeting cards featuring the quirky humour of Sarah Ray.

Sarah Ray is an illustrator who produces contemporary designs with a delightfully quirky sense of humour. We love this range of greeting cards and are excited to add them to our collection. 

Sarah studied at the Cambridge School of Art and achieved a BA Honours in illustration. Her work has been commissioned by a wide variety of clients, including Friends of the Earth, the NHS and Bloomsbury.

Sarah describes herself as having 'a weird brain'!

Her greeting card range has won an award for best new product in the Greetings and Stationary section of the Top Drawer London Show. The range has also made it to the finals of the Henries - the equivalent of the Oscars for the greeting card industry.

These humorous greeting cards are priced at £2.20 each. They are blank inside for your own message. Take a look!

View the Sarah Ray range.

Funny new additions to the Urban Graphic card range

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We are delighted to present lots of new designs in the popular Urban Graphic greeting card range.

Urban Graphic produce design led, contemporary greeting cards. At the Comedy Card Company, we only sell humorous cards so we pick out the funny ones, of which there are a great many! Beautifully printed on high quality card, these greeting cards not only express a fine sense of humour, but they also look and feel great too.

Urban Graphic are famous for their award winning Scrawl range, featuring amusing quotes and statements. This one is new to us:

They also work with various artists / designers and publish a wide variety of greeting cards. Just in, are the designs by Matthew Taylor Wilson:

Also new to us, are the cartoons by John Atkinson in his Wrong Hands range. We love this one featuring a flow chart to work out if a hound dog is friend of Elvis or not - lovely, silly humour!

Urban Graphic has being publishing greeting cards since 2003. Recently they have been expanding into the design of gift and homeware lines and have changed their name to U Studio to reflect that they see themselves more and more as a design studio rather than solely a greeting card publisher.

Urban Graphic cards measure approximately 6 x 6 inches and retail at £2.20 each. View our Urban Graphic Range.



New range featuring the quirky humour of Hazel Bee

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We welcome a funny range of greeting cards featuring the wonderfully quirky humour of Hazel Bee

We are delighted to announce the arrival of Hazel Bee to the Comedy Card Company. Simple, contemporary cartoons with lovely, quirky humour, we love these greeting cards by Hazel Bee!

As well as being funny, these greeting cards are also ethical, being made from 100% recycled card wrapped in biodegradable cellophane. 

Measuring 6 x 4 inches, these greeting cards are blank inside and retail at £2.50 each.

View the range of cards by Hazel Bee

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