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Top 10 Funny Cards of the Year

Dec 22, 2023Alan Auld

As 2023 draws to a close, for a bit of fun we thought we would take a look and see which funny cards have been the most popular this year. 

2023 has maybe not been the happiest of years. The ongoing war in Ukraine and now another war in Israel. Add to that the financial misery brought about by high inflation and high interest rates. For a bit of light relief, let's take a look at the top 10 funny cards as chosen by all the lovely customers of the Comedy Card Company.

At No 10 is one of our own in-house designs (yay!). You can't beat a bit of interpretive dance!

At No 9, it's an hilarious cartoon from the World of Moose. A man a duck are lost in the wilderness and all they have left is some pancakes and hoisin sauce. Don't worry, I am sure the man didn't eat the duck . .

A classic bestselling design takes 8th position this year. From the Fleet Street range by Pigment, the spoof newspaper headline shows a woman who is so excited about her birthday that she was fallen asleep on a park bench!

At number 7 is another from our own range (whoop whoop!) Our Photocaption range was nominated for a Henries Award this year - the Henries are like the Oscars of the greeting card world - although obviously much more glamorous. (We might have mentioned our nomination a million times before . . . ) A woman consoles a man by commenting that she knows a few people older than him that are still alive!

Coming in at number 6 is a popular card from Dandelion Stationery, exposing a woman's appetite for chocolate fudge cake! Single portion? - don't be silly, a 'family of four' looks about the right amount! Dandelion cards are beautifully illustrated, with hand finished detail for some extra sparkle.

At number 5 is another classic design, a long time bestseller, from the Twisty range by Quitting Hollywood. Featuring a cracking caption, it shows a woman disappointed that a job vacancy is only for the work of six men - she had wanted a full time role!

Coming in at number 4 on our bestseller list is a brilliant caption to an image from an old Ladybird book. When asked at an interview if she can 'perform under pressure', a lady thinks she is being asked to sing a song by Queen! Great humour from Kiss me Kwik of Brighton.

In third place this year, is a really funny card from the Cloud Nine range by Redback. Some people may be climbing Everest at a certain age while others have to concentrate on retaining their balance while pulling on their pants in the morning!

In second place, taking silver, is another hilarious card by Kiss me Kwik. Classic humour showing a soldier being pulled up for not being seen at camouflage class.

Drum roll please . . . at number 1, in gold medal position, is this beauty from the Speed Bump range, published by Woodmansterne. A horse is moaning about his recent hip replacement - he's got a Zebra's leg!

Well there you have it, this year's bestselling cards. Is your favourite here? We have so many cards, with a wide range humour and styles whether they're cartoons, illustrations or captions. Take a look at all of our Bestselling Funny Cards

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