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Top 5 bestselling Christmas cards of 2023

Dec 04, 2023Alan Auld

With Christmas fast approaching, and our sales of funny Christmas cards in full swing, now seems a good time to reveal our top 5 bestsellers of 2023.

At the Comedy Card Company we live and breathe humorous cards, stocking a wide range of cards from all the best publishers both big and small. We therefore feel that we are well placed to present some of the bestselling Christmas cards of the year, as selected by all of our lovely customers.

We don't have a clear winner as all of these cards sell at a remarkably similar rate. We therefore present them in no particular order. Hope they make you laugh.

With two distressing wars on the go and a miserable cost of living crisis, we all could do with some cheering up couldn't we? Why not send a funny card this year and make your loved ones smile. There's still time to grab some of the funniest cards of the season to give your friends and family a giggle. You can view our full range of Christmas cards here.

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