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New arrivals to our funny Christmas card range

Nov 22, 2023Alan Auld

As Christmas gets ever closer, we've had lots of new cards pushing their way through our door with the aim of making us laugh and smile over this festive season!

Just arrived, as I write this, is this funny cartoon card from the Speed Bump range. Who knew that specially bred sheep were used to create Christmas jumpers? You heard it here first.

With high inflation and the cost of living snapping at our heels, we have to admit that some things are just too dear - or is that two deer? Not our cards though!

Speaking of the cost of living, here's a potential idea to save money. Buy your son / nephew / grandson a kite but tell them it's a drone! Great fun from the On the Ceiling range.

Still believe in Santa? Of course you do. Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy all real. Rarely seen together though - unless the Loch Ness monster is having one of his notorious parties . . .

We love the humour of the Kiss me Kwik range and they've produced a couple of crackers for this year. This is one of our favourites.

We love Simon Drew's 'spot the . . ' range. They make fun Christmas cards but also make for good post-dinner quiz competitions. New one for this year includes this one where you have to find the title of the Christmas song.

There are a number of designs that feature cats and the danger they pose to a beautifully decorated tree! This new one from Brainbox Candy has gone down a storm.

An unspoken rule of Christmas is to eat your body weight in chocolate. What? You already have? It's not even December yet . .

We love this new arrival from Not at All Jack. A wonderfully funny, simple design.

Don't forget to dig those 'emergency chairs' out before the family arrive for Christmas (they're right at the back of the cupboard, behind lots of shit that will probably fall on you as they try and reach them).

Do take a look at our full range of funny Christmas cards (we have LOTS!). 

Have a lovely time and if we don't see you before let us wish you Feliz Navidad (or Fleece Navi Dad).

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