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Merry Christmas from the little mice!

Nov 07, 2023Alan Auld

Funny Christmas cards have been arriving at the Comedy Card Company for the past couple of months - lots of new designs as well as some perennial bestsellers. One new range feature cute little mice.

Robins and reindeer might traditionally be the favourites of the festive creatures adorning Christmas cards but this year we can also hear some little squeaks as mice have joined in the seasonal fun! Don't worry, they're not here to nibble on our mince pies, they're here to make us smile. And anybody who can raise a bit of cheer in these worrying times is ok in our book. After the Covid years, we might have hoped for much happier times but alas cruel wars and cost of living woes continue to dampen our spirits. At the Comedy Card Company we have always fully appreciated the joy a greeting card can bring to a recipient, but especially a humorous card. A funny card that can raise a smile or even cause a fit of laughter is just about the best thing you can send through the post (along with large cheques and perhaps chocolate!).

Merry Christmouse!

Contrary to the famous line in Clement Clarke Moore's poem 'A visit from St Nicholas' that states not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse, this humorous card shows a little mouse needing to take a trip to the toilet!

This little mouse has thoughtfully abandoned his idea of buying the recipient a present and instead made a donation to Donald Trump's election campaign on behalf of the recipient. Er, thanks - but, if you're not going to give me a present, could I change that to a goat for an African tribe please?

This funny card shows Mrs Claus who is not up to date with her political correctness - she'll be on a course in the New Year I'm sure.

Great humour from Adam and Eve (in mouse form), demonstrating some silly word play.

What does every boy mouse want for Christmas? Money, some love and - of course - a box of Maltesers!

As we are all too painfully aware, inflation has affected everything this year. Spending the same amount on your Christmas tree might have a quite noticeable affect on its size! Oh well, it might mean less tree needles to hoover up!

Finally a word of warning of relying on your advent calendar to tell you the date in December. Thieving, chocolate hungry, individuals may well cause you to think we're closer to Christmas Day than we actually are!

These are just a few of our new mouse Christmas cards. We hope you like them. View our full range of Funny Christmas Cards




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