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We love funny cards!

The best selection of humorous greetings cards online  ( . . . that's our aim)

Many years ago we had a gallery selling art and gifts. In the gallery, we also had some baskets of greetings cards, including some humorous cards. People would stroll around the shop, quietly admire the art, look at the gifts, say hello, mention this and that, but when they browsed through the humorous cards - well, they would smile & laugh, become animated, chat more freely. Did they buy any? No bugger all! [Editor's Note : Forgot that, this website could be a big mistake] Only joking, they did buy some. My point is, we loved to see people's reaction to the funny cards (and we loved sourcing them as they made us laugh too). So when we were thinking about opening an online shop, we decided on funny greetings cards for this very reason. At the very least people would (hopefully) enjoy browsing the cards, maybe laugh a little, and who knows maybe even buy some . . .

The Comedy Card Company - as recommended by doctors - laughter is the best medicine!


We stock a wide range of funny cards - from gentle, inoffensive humour, to classic cartoons and cheeky captions, all the way through to the hilarious but down right rude! Beware some foul language at the adult humour end of our spectrum - our 'rude cards' are not for the easily offended. We truly aim to have something for everyone and humour is a broad church!

We are quite traditional in the sense that we supply greeting cards as produced by the card publisher rather than the 'print-on-demand' companies like Moonpig. All our cards are supplied to us direct from card publishers, big and small, and are the original quality cards printed by the publishers themselves.

We started our online shop in November 2011. In March 2013, we launched this new website and we hope to continue making improvements over time, while offering some of the funniest cards we can find.

The Comedy Card Company - send a smile !

(sorry again)


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