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We love funny cards!

Our aim is to offer the best selection of humorous greetings cards online.

Many years ago we had a little shop. Within that shop, we had a section selling funny greeting cards. We loved to see people's reaction to the funny cards (and we loved sourcing them as they made us laugh too). So when we were thinking about opening an online shop (many years ago), we decided on funny cards for this very reason. 

The Comedy Card Company - as recommended by doctors - laughter is the best medicine!


We stock the funniest cards from all the best publishers both big and small, meaning that we offer a really wide range of humour - from classic cartoons and cheeky captions, all the way through to the hilarious but down right rude! We truly aim to have something for everyone and humour is a broad church.

We are quite traditional in the sense that we supply the original high quality greeting cards as produced by the card publisher rather than the 'print-on-demand' companies like Moonpig. 

We started our online shop in November 2011, initially running it from a spare bedroom! We have gradually grown over the years and now stock a vast range of funny cards and we thoroughly enjoy selling our cards to our lovely customers, many of whom have turned into regular visitors. We love finding new designs and sharing them with our customers. Speaking of which, have you joined our mailing list? Please do join and we will let you know about new arrivals.

More recently, we have started to publish some of our own silly designs. If you are a greeting card retailer, we would love to hear from you - check out our trade website

We are a small team. Alan and Lucy run the business with lots of help from Clare, Carla and Susie - friends, who we have managed to persuade to work with us. 

We are passionate about humorous cards and feel that if you're going to send a card, why not make the recipient smile or perhaps even laugh out loud - what a wonderful thing to send through the post!


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Oak House, High Street, Great Yeldham, Halstead, Essex. CO9 4EX