Funny Cards about Health & Fitness

Funny greeting cards about Health & Fitness, from dieting and exercise to doctors and drugs. Some great humour in here!


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Funny Greeting CardWoodmansterneComedy Card CompanyHorse - Hip replacement
Birthday CardBottomlineComedy Card CompanyTalking Bollocks
Funny CardsPigmentComedy Card CompanyDoctor - Keep the Hip
Funny Get Well Soon CardsComedy Card CompanyComedy Card CompanyMan Flu
£2.49 GBP
Man Flu
Funny CardsComedy Card CompanyComedy Card CompanyHigh dependency unit
Funny CardsRosie Made a ThingComedy Card CompanyHold my boobs when I run
Funny Greeting CardComedy Card CompanyComedy Card CompanyCouch to 5k
£2.49 GBP
Couch to 5k
Funny Greeting CardComedy Card CompanyComedy Card CompanyMind bending skunk
Funny CardsPigmentComedy Card CompanyPoke around down under
Funny CardsRedbackComedy Card CompanyHow's diet going?
Funny CardsKiss me KwikComedy Card CompanyAuto-correct syndrome
Funny Greeting CardWoodmansterneComedy Card CompanyGingerbread man
Funny CardsRedbackComedy Card CompanySee me running
£2.99 GBP
See me running
Funny CardsEmotional RescueComedy Card CompanyDisney spells
£2.49 GBP
Disney spells
Funny Greeting CardBewilderbeestComedy Card CompanyStool sample
£2.89 GBP
Stool sample
Funny Greeting CardComedy Card CompanyComedy Card CompanyStabbing pain
£2.49 GBP
Stabbing pain
Funny CardsKiss me KwikComedy Card CompanyLactose-intolerant vegan
Funny CardsDandelion StationeryComedy Card CompanyEat cookies really fast