Modern Toss Cards (18)

Modern Toss publish an extremely funny (and often extremely rude!) range of greeting cards. Beware some rude and offensive language! Modern Toss take a satirical look at the mundane side of life such as work and the small talk at cheese & wine parties. Also look out for Mr Tourette, a french sign writer, who produces offensive (& hilarious) signs that bear little relation to what the customer asked for. 

Printed in the UK on FSC certified board.


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Funny CardsModern TossComedy Card CompanyImposter Syndrome
Funny Greeting CardModern TossComedy Card CompanyBad line
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Bad line
Funny Greeting CardModern TossComedy Card CompanyCutting holiday short
Funny Greeting CardModern TossComedy Card CompanyPizza Seeds
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Pizza Seeds
Funny Greeting CardModern TossComedy Card CompanyBotox - Poker Face
Birthday CardModern TossComedy Card CompanyPaul Hollywood cake
Funny CardsModern TossComedy Card CompanyBonus Department
Funny CardsModern TossComedy Card CompanyData Analyst
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Data Analyst
Funny CardsModern TossComedy Card CompanyBollocks to this
Rude CardsModern TossComedy Card CompanyAppraisal
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Rude CardsModern TossComedy Card CompanyMeditation course
Valentines cardsModern TossComedy Card CompanyYou will always be mine
Valentines cardsModern TossComedy Card CompanyRomantic Walk
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Romantic Walk