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New range of funny greeting cards have arrived!

Feb 13, 2024Alan Auld

It's always exciting to welcome a new range of funny greeting cards to the Comedy Card Company. Lucilla Lavender produces a lovely range of contemporary cards and we have selected Birdiculous, Jonesy and Shiny Happy ranges for their humour, colour and boldness.


A range with a great sense of humour, Birdiculous features colourful cartoons all about birds. We just love the one about penguin biscuits . . .

Another favourite shows a bird trying to assemble a nest that has come as a flat pack. Wouldn't you know it - there's a twig missing!

Take a look at this one showing a peacock wondering if his display is a tad over the top!


Wonderfully funny, clever cartoons from talented cartoonist Steve Jones. We particularly love the one showing a pair of cows having a chat about the cow that jumped over the moon in the famous nursery rhyme. One bets the other that they couldn't do it!

Another favourite has to be the one about the cheetah, apologising for being late. His excuse? His lunch ran on further than expected . . .

A pair of anteaters, on of whom is beginning to wonder if a risotto might just make a tasty change from ants!


Shiny Happy

Shiny Happy is a contemporary range of greeting cards that are bright, colourful, bold and joyful. You can't help but smile at these . . .




These are just a sample of our Lucilla Lavender cards. Hope you like them.

Take a look at our Lucilla Lavender Card Range

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