The history of the greeting card

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You could say that greeting cards date as far back as ancient China and Egypt. In ancient Egypt, papyrus scrolls were mainly used to write religious and government texts but sometimes also to send messages. Papyrus was an abundant plant in the Nile Delta and used to make rope, mats, sandals as well as a writing surface. In ancient China, messages of goodwill were sent to celebrate New Year.


By the 15th century, people began to send handmade cards to each other. This was the start of the Renaissance period when there was an increasing interest in art and literature throughout Europe. Romantic messages to loved ones and the first Valentine's cards were thought to start around this period.

In the early 1400s, Germans are known to have produced greetings cards using woodcuts. This was a time-consuming printing process: a design was carved into a block of wood and this was then used to print designs onto paper. These cards were mainly sent to celebrate New Year.


An example of a woodcut print   

In Italy, more delicate handmade cards were produced. In particular, Valentine's cards were made with intricate lace effects. These early Valentine's Day cards were very expensive and used predominately by the elite.

The first Valentine's message is thought to date back to 1415. It was sent from Charles, Duke of Orleans, to his wife while he was being held captive in The Tower of London. Charles was a french nobleman who was captured by the British during the hundred years' war. He wrote a poem for his wife that began 'I am already sick of love, my very gentle Valentine'.

Charles Ier d'Orléans.jpg

Valentine's cards were being exchanged in Europe during the early to mid 15th Century. The oldest Valentine's card still in existence was bought at an auction in 2019 by Jakki Brown, the editor of a greeting card magazine 'Progressive Greetings'.

Valentine card dating back to circa 1790

The message on the front reads "Farewell you sweet and turtle dove. On you alone, I fixed my love. And if you never can be mine, I never can no comfort find!".  It is believed to be 230 years old.

By the 1800s Valentine cards became more affordable due to cheaper printing methods and the arrival of the postal service. Before this time, greeting cards were expensive, handmade items that also had to be delivered by hand. 

Printing practices had advanced. Mechanised printing presses meant that greeting cards became much more affordable. Add to that the introduction of the postage stamp and suddenly sending a card became more practical and more affordable.


The postage stamp was introduced in 1840. This removed the need to hand-deliver a card and started the massive rise in popularity of greeting cards.


Just three years later, in 1843, Sir Henry Cole created the first commercial Christmas card. Sir Henry Cole was a civil servant and a great innovator. He was the chief organiser of the Great Exhibition, the pioneer of the penny post, as well as the founder of the Victoria and Albert Museum. Sir Cole had a long list of friends and acquaintances to send Xmas cards to. In order to reduce the time and effort required to send cards to this extensive list of people, he decided to create and print his own Christmas card.

  Sir Henry Cole     John Callcott Horsley

He hired artist John Callcott Horsley to design the card and had one thousand copies printed. The card depicted three generations of a family raising a toast to the recipient. On either side were scenes of charity showing food and clothing being given to the poor. After sending a card to all of his acquaintances, he sold the remainder. Thus, almost by accident, he had created the first commercial Christmas card.  At a cost a shilling each they were way beyond the reach of the average working man however. 

By the 1860's companies had started to produce greeting cards on mass. Further advances in printing resulted in lower prices and greeting cards became affordable to all. Lithography had transformed commercial printing by allowing high volume printing at relatively low cost.

A Victorian era Valentine's card located in the Museum of London

Humorous greeting cards began to appear in the 1940s and 1950s. Nowadays greeting cards cover a wide range of occasions and styles. As have have seen the early greeting cards rotated round New Year and Valentines. Now birthdays make up the bulk of greeting card sales worldwide but Christmas, Valentines and the more recent Mother's Day and Father's Day celebrations are important dates now too. Add to that Anniversary, Leaving, New Home, New Job, Get Well Soon, Thank you, Retirement, Wedding Day, New Baby cards among many other events and we see that there is a greeting card for every occasion. 

In the UK alone, we spend £1.7 billion on greeting cards each year, each of us sending an average of 33 cards per year. There are over a thousand card publishers in the UK. While there are some very large companies, employing many people and printing cards on a large scale, the majority of publishers are small, independent, with just a handful of employees. In recent times, the advent of digital printing has allowed individuals to complete with the big players. Digital printing allows for economic printing of small print runs, even to an 'on demand' level to fulfil retail orders.

Many expected the greeting card industry to decline with the rise of mobile phones, texting, email and social media. However, despite these new forms of communication, the greeting card industry has remained buoyant. It has been shown that a handwritten greeting card has much more meaningful impact than an electronic form of contact, and makes the recipient feel much more special.

From the earliest greeting card to the latest creation, the aim has always been the same: to send a direct, personal and loving message to a recipient. Long may it continue!



Visit the Comedy Card Company and continue this fine tradition.


Emotional Rescue funny cards arrive at Comedy Card Company

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Emotional Rescue is one of the most commercially successful publishers of funny greeting cards, including the famous On the Ceiling caption range and Norbert and Val cartoons. At last, these wonderful humorous cards are on the shelves of Comedy Card Company!

At the Comedy Card Company, we have been trying to stock the Emotional Rescue ranges for many years. Until very recently, they had a blanket policy of not supplying online shops. Pretty much every year, when we saw the distributor of this range at greeting card trade fairs, we would ask if we could stock them. We always got the same answer but things changed this year . . .

Earlier this year, David Greaves, who had co-owned and ran Emotional Rescue for 22 years (before the company was sold in 2013) bought the company back. Perhaps this was the reason why, when we walked onto the Emotional Rescue stand at a greeting card show this year, that we got a very different reply to our usual question. Brett Smith, the managing director of Emotional Rescue, couldn't understand what the problem would be. We spoke to the distributors of their range there and then and Bob was our uncle (according to Aunt Fanny).

One of the most popular caption ranges ever published has to be On the Ceiling. Featuring hilarious captions to retro styled black and white photographs they have been making recipients laugh for some 25 years. Let's take a look at some of their most popular cards that have recently arrived at our door.


We just love this one showing a man at a job interview wearing a Batman mask. He admits a weakness of getting reality and fantasy confused. His strength? Well, he's Batman of course! We love Dave, we'd employ him . . .

A classic misunderstanding when a car breaks down. Crap in the carburettor . . . OK, if it will help.

Another favourite shows a woman describing a wonderful new machine at the gym. However, it is not so much a machine to get you wonderfully fit, more a great vending machine!

This poor man has misunderstood the intended purpose of the Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner with fairly disastrous results.


Norbert and Val are an adorable cartoon couple who have also been amusing us for many years. Instantly recognisable, I am sure we have all either bought or received one of these cartoon cards at some point in the past.

The 'Heart your Heart' card is classic comedy showing Norbert having a check up with his doctor. Norbert mishears the doctor when he says he'd like to hear his heart and proudly gets rip a loud fart!

Another classic cartoon shows Val asking Norbert how his day on the golf course has gone. Going by the little bonfire that he has built under his bag of golf clubs, I think we could say it's been better.

With a nod to the trials of modern life, this cartoon shows Norbert being asked to create a new computer password - lower case, upper case, numbers, hieroglyphs, blood of a virgin . . . now all that's left is to find that Unicorn and slay a Dragon . . .

Finally, we just love this cartoon showing Norbert. Having been caught short while shopping in a DIY store, he is relieved to find some toilets . . .

There are various other humour ranges within the Emotional Rescue stable. Virtual Safari is a range featuring colourful images of animals with funny captions. For an example, take a look at this one suggesting that men can multi-task after all: a Gorilla manages to eat crisps, drink beer and take control of the TV remote control all at the same time!

When asking for 'something from Amazon' for their birthday, I rather think the cat meant something from amazon dot com rather than the rain forest. (No parrots were harmed in producing this image!)

Another great range is Seriously Just Kidding, featuring contemporary design and sharp wit. This is our favourite from this range . . .

There you have it, a little look at our new range of cards from Emotional Rescue. We really hope you like them.

 Take a look at the whole range - view the Emotional Rescue Card Range

Greeting cards and the fight on plastic

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Greeting cards are, as a rule, fairly environmentally friendly. Usually made from FSC certified board and fully recyclable. However, as we shall see, the current hot topic is the cellophane that the cards are often wrapped in. 

Of increasing concern to all of us is the use of 'single use' plastic across the whole retail spectrum. Sir David Attenborough's Blue Planet documentary was immensely successful in bringing the harmful effects of plastic in our oceans to the forefront of our minds. Sir David has made it clear that we all have to do our bit to reduce the use of plastic. I am glad to report that the greeting card industry has been quick to respond.

Whereas the greeting card themselves, being paper products, are usually fully recyclable, the issue is the cellophane wrapping. The purpose of the cellophane wrapping has been to protect the card from fingerprints and keep the card and envelope together, as these are otherwise prone to become detached from each other in traditional card shops (little children love to play with cards!). Greeting card publishers, retailers and customers alike are equally keen to reduce plastic packaging despite the convenience of having cards wrapped with their envelopes. The good news is that there has been a great momentum for change in this forward-thinking industry. Several publishers had already opted for biodegradable wrapping which I believe to be starch based. However, the industry clearly wants to do much more especially when it seems that such biodegradable wrapping still ends up in landfill or being incinerated on account that it is inseparable from other plastic film.

(Greeting card by Cath Tate)

Speaking for ourselves, at the Comedy Card Company, we have always requested our cards to be supplied 'unwrapped' where this is an option (although the majority of publishers automatically supply cards cellophane wrapped.) Being an online-only business, the issue of finger prints or envelopes going astray is not an issue for us compared to the traditional bricks and mortar card shop. However, things need to change and even traditional cards shops need to find a better way.

There has been a successful 'Naked Card' campaign, encouraging publishers and retailers alike to go for unwrapped greeting cards and ditch the cellophane wrapping. Publisher Woodmansterne has led the way in making the change: their new 'Smart Seal', a peel-off label that keeps the greeting cards and its envelope neatly together without the need of a cellophane wrapping is making its way into production. We have already received many of their cards with this new feature. Woodmansterne had not so long ago invested in a new cellophane wrapping machine (I believe at considerable cost!) but they realised that things had to change and despite their investment, decided to change course and come up with a better option. 

Other publishers are quickly following suit - every week, we hear from another publisher and their plans to go plastic free. We believe this type of 'peel and seal' system will be commonplace in greeting card shops across the country very soon. Windles, a large greeting card printer has also created their own 'Kard Klasp' seal. Several large retailers have also committed to display their greeting cards 'plastic free' in the very near future. John Lewis is keen to only stock unwrapped cards as soon as possible, and Sainsburys has also promised to 'go naked' too.


While most of the greeting card that we currently have in stock still have a cellophane wrapping, I am confident that within a few months the picture will be very different, not just with us but with shops all over the country. As I have said, we already ask for our cards to arrive 'unwrapped' where this is an option with the publisher. We all want the same thing, from publishers to retailers to the customers, so hopefully before too long all greeting cards will be fully plastic free.




Funny Cards about Dogs

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At the Comedy Card Company, we specialise in funny greeting cards and we have a wide selection of cards covering many different occasions and subjects. As we shall see, dogs are a very popular subject for cartoonists and caption writers because dogs themselves are truly funny as is our relationship with them.

Dogs are often quoted as 'man's best friend' so I guess it is no surprise that they regularly feature in cartoons that appear on our humorous greeting cards. With the internet packed full of funny videos involving cats, we might have expected more cartoons about cats compared to dogs. However, this doesn't seem to be the case. Don't get me wrong, there are some hilarious cards featuring cats but there is definitely a larger range of funny cards about dogs.

So, which aspect of dog behaviour and their interaction with their human owners gets the most attention from the cartoonists? Well let's take a look at a bit of bad dog behaviour first of all. At the top of the naughty list has to be toileting indoors . . .

Stand Up / Frankie Whistle

Being natural scavengers, dogs are prone to overeating given the chance or indeed stealing food. There are several cartoons showing dogs over indulging or making the most of an open dishwasher!

Off the Leash / Rainbow

Many dogs have very important roles to play in human life, rather than simple companionship. Working dogs can lead the blind, detect explosives and drugs, round up livestock or guard property. Some have less helpful occupations such as chewing up shoes!

They Can Talk / Modern Toss

Our canine friends are famous for retrieving and carrying sticks, sometimes to a level approaching obsession. For some dogs, it seems that the bigger the stick the better - just watch the backs of your legs as they run by!

Off the Leash / They Can Talk

As demonstrated by this classic cartoon taken from the Punch magazine, some dogs are not so keen to fetch sticks. This french poodle is having none of it . . .


Dogs can worm their way into our affections such that they get away with murder. Initially strict rules can end up being relaxed such that our pets are allowed on our sofas and our beds.

Tottering by Gently / Off the Leash

Of all the famous fictional dogs, one of the long standing favourites has to be Lassie, a Rough Collie dog that was immortalised in both films and TV. Lassie famously came to the rescue, getting help for people stranded and in trouble. The New Yorker magazine, renowned for its satirical sense of humour, published a superb cartoon featuring Lassie. It shows Lassie ending up on a Psychiatrist's couch after the stress of trying to save someone from drowning. 

New Yorker

A popular subject for cartoonists and greeting card designers is the relationship between a dog and its human owners, in particular how they see the role of the human in their life - this odd person who feeds, walks and follows them to collect their poops in little bags!

Frankie Whistle / Splimple

As many a dog owner will appreciate, dogs just love a trip to the vet. This is particularly well demonstrated with the cartoon showing poor James Herriot being given lots of 'love' from a farmer's collie . . . 

Alison's Animals

We also love this cartoon from Oliver Preston showing a vet having to 'put a dog down' - not a lethal injection we're glad to say, more a case of being forced to put the dog back down on the floor on account of him being so overweight!

Oliver Preston

Of course a trip to the vet might mean a dog being given an Elizabethan collar to wear. This 'cone of shame' is intended to stop a dog licking its wound after an operation and is not a popular accessory as these greeting cards reveal . . .

Alison's Animals / U Studio

There is a notorious rivalry between dogs and cats. In this classic cartoon from Rainbow, a cat enjoys teasing a dog through a patio door. The dog bides his time before revealing to the cat that the patio door is actually open.


In this cartoon from newspaper cartoonist Jonathan Pugh, a dog is making the most of a recent finding confirming that dogs are cleverer than cats.


One of the reasons that we love our dogs is because of the unconditional love that they bestow upon us. They simply adore attention from us and love to greet us excitedly when we return home.

Simon Drew / Off the Leash

Having a dog is great for your health - all that walking in the fresh air can only be good for both dog and owner.

Tottering by Gently / Camilla & Rose

One of the more dubious qualities a dog has is its obsession with other dog's bottoms and scent marking. A walk with a dog is an endless series of leaving their scent so that they can mark their territory and let other dogs know where they've been. I guess dogs don't have social media . . .

Wulffmorgenthaler / Cath Tate / Alison's Animals

Sometimes dogs can worm their way into our affection to the extent that our relationship with them supersedes our relationships with people. What was that famous quote? I think it was Mark Twain that said 'The more people I meet, the more I like my dog'. Anyway, this card reflects that sentiment perfectly . . .

Oliver Preston

Finally we have a few favourite cards that don't fit into one of the above categories. The 'Rubbed my tummy' cartoon from the famous New Yorker magazine, showing a dog admitting that he revealed all his secrets after his interrogators rubbed his tummy, is an enduring classic.

New Yorker

Another bestseller shows a photograph of a man carrying his dog up the escalator, obeying the 'dogs must be carried' sign. Unfortunately for him, his dog is a rather large Great Dane!


Another classic cartoon shows a lady posting a 'lost puppy' notice. Little does she realise that the puppy is stuck between her bottom checks after she has inadvertently sat on him. Oh dear.


A new card that has recently entered our best selling list features a great caption to a photograph of a woman holding up a shiny, clean plate. Rather than an advert for some washing up liquid, she is asking whether you can tell if it's been through the dishwasher or been licked clean by the dog! (Either way, I think we'll pass on dinner!)

Quitting Hollywood

Well, that is just a taste of some of our funny cards about dogs. Why not take a look at the full range of our website.

View our range of Funny Cards about Dogs

Bye for now - woof woof!

This year's funny father's day cards

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Father's Day is on Sunday 16th June this year. Why not make dad laugh with a funny card from our hilarious selection?

We've already had Valentine's Day and Mother's Day so it is now time to make way for the big one . . . that's right, Father's Day! It is not just for selfish reasons that I say that (I am a father and always look forward to my traditional box of Maltesers!). No, the reason I love Father's Day is because of the great number of cards that the publishers produce in an attempt to have a laugh at poor old dad. At the Comedy Card Company we only sell funny cards so we love any occasion where humour is involved. Whereas mum seems to get a bit more respect on Mother's Day, the cartoonists and caption writers seem to be given more of a free rein to poke fun at fatherhood. This means there are a plethora of cards for us to chose from and present to you.

Brainbox Candy

Father's Day is a relatively recent 'special day'. It was founded in America in 1910 by Mrs Sonora Smart Dodd, who wanted a day to honour fathers. She was inspired by her own father, a widower who raised six children on his own and couldn't understand why there was a day to celebrate mothers but no equivalent day for fathers. It is celebrated in many countries throughout the World but not necessarily at the same time. The most common day is the third Sunday in June, as celebrated in the USA and the UK. In Australia and New Zealand it is celebrated in September. 

Fathers in the UK are accustomed to receiving a card and a small gift (apparently the most popular item is a tie) and perhaps being a bit more spoilt than usual. However, in Germany things are a bit different. Mannertag or 'Men's Day' is a far more raucous affair. A public holiday, many men take to drinking large quantities of beer, often via group 'beer bikes' or by pulling 'beer wagons'. Not always popular with some people in Germany because of the ensuing chaos, perhaps especially the police. It all makes our 'card and a tie' tradition seem quite tame by comparison!

One of the most popular themes for funny Father's Day cards has to be money. The 'bank of dad' is a major role of being a father, the endless digging of hands in pockets, whether it is for presents, ice creams and sweets for younger children or paying for clothes, shoes, school and university fees as they get older. Or perhaps helping them with a deposit to buy a house or help them out when they are in financial trouble, the money flowing to one's children never seems to end. There are some great cards focussing on this aspect. We love this new one from Waving at Trains showing a man visiting his accountant, who reveals how much money he would have had if he hadn't had children . . .

UK Greetings

In a similar vein, this great new card from Rosie Made a Thing shows a little hand outstretched for more money . . .

Rosie Made a Thing

One of the bestselling cards from last year shows a dad reading a fairytale to his daughter, the happy ending being that the little princess gets a job and never asks for any money again. That sounds like the kind of bedtime story that will help dad sleep!

UK Greetings

Another popular theme has to be dad's DIY skills or lack of them. Poor dad, everyone expects him to be able to fix anything and everything. Not only that, but within a short time scale too - surely six months would be an acceptable time frame for those little jobs around the house?!

Camilla & Rose

An enduring topic for humorous Father's Day cards is the suggestion that dad is not quite as effective a parent as mum when it comes to childcare.

Brainbox Candy

Paper Plane

Brainbox Candy

And then there is the accusation that dad breaks wind more than anybody else on the planet. Loud explosions that can evacuate rooms around the house. Poor dad, he can't help it - all that beer, crisp and resultant hot air has to escape somewhere!

Brainbox Candy / UK Greetings / Pigment

Give a dad a barbecue on a summer's day and he is in his element. Back to basics cooking in the fresh air, brings out the prehistoric man. Cooking with real fire no less - Bear Grylls eat your heart out! Those waiting for the delights to emerge from the smoking contraption, are right to be worried about the edibility or indeed the food safety aspect of the offerings. Well done (burnt to a cinder) on the outside, still raw in the middle is often the norm . . .

UK Greetings

One thing that dads can do really well however is beer drinking. Father's can truly excel in this department. It's also one of the few times when dad can multi-task: he can drink beer, change TV channels and eat crisps all at the same time.

UK Greetings

UK Greetings

It's tiring work being a father. Dads are known to slip into a deep sleep at a moment's notice, sprawled out on the sofa. Do note that he will still notice if you try reach for the remote control . . 

UK Greetings / Pigment

Dad's are meant to be embarrassing. It is written in the rule book. Dad's instinctively know how to embarrass their children by taking to the dance floor at Weddings and telling awful jokes to their friends. It's just nature's way of encouraging youngsters to leave the nest. Of course, soon enough they become parents themselves and history repeats itself.

Brainbox Candy

Buddy Fernandez

However, dad is also our own personal super hero. We might have a laugh at his expense, but at the end of the day he truly will come to our rescue when required.


Dean Morris

Naturally your dad is going to be older than you so this is also a great opportunity to remind him how much younger you are . . .

Brainbox Candy

Rosie Made a Thing

Now it wouldn't be Father's Day without some cards about sport. Traditional cards would often have an image of some golf clubs, fishing rods or footballs on them. Our cards are no exception apart from being humorous too.

Pigment / Country Cards / Quitting Hollywood

Our bestselling Father's Day card is a brilliant caption to an original image taken from Ladybird, the famous children's book series. Superb humour from Kiss me Kwik. 

Kiss me Kwik

There it is, a little snapshot of some our Father's Day cards that make us smile. Hope you might find a perfect one for your dad amongst our collection - take a look!

View our Funny Father's Day Card Range

The Top 10 Funny Birthday Cards

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At the Comedy Card Company, we specialise in funny greeting cards and our aim is to have the best selection of humorous cards available online. Here, we take a look what makes a birthday card funny and also reveal our current top ten bestselling birthday cards.

We sell a lot of greeting cards with a wide variety of humour from 'everyday' cards, such a general humour and birthday cards, to Christmas cards as well as special occasions, like Valentines and Father's Day, etc. As you might imagine, birthday cards make up a large proportion of our sales of everyday cards. In this article, we take a look at what subjects are popular for card designers and cartoonists when they create their humorous birthday cards. We will also count down our top ten most popular birthday cards.

As is often said, birthdays must be good for you, as the more you have, the longer you live(!) It is both a day of celebration (yay!) and also commiseration as each passing year also means that we are another year older (boo!).

humorous birthday card by simon drew

Cath Tate / Simon Drew

In terms of the celebratory side of birthdays, the humour often revolves around drinking too much or eating cake (or both). What would a birthday be without a good party? It is no real surprise that a lot of birthday cards feature alcohol and the resultant consequences!

funny birthday card drinkingfunny birthday card by paperlink

Pigment / Rose Made a Thing / Paperlink

Some card designers pick up on the increasing number of candles that are appearing on the recipient's cake, some even suggest that the fire brigade is on standby!

funny birthday card by cate tate

UK Greetings / Cath Tate

Some cards refer to the present that the sender has bought for the recipient - or more typically the present they haven't got for them!

 funny birthday card by traces of nuts

Brainbox Candy / Traces of Nuts

The floodgates tend to spill open when card designers decide to poke fun at the recipient's advancing age. There are multiple angles that they pick up on regarding changes that happen to our bodies as we age: our eyesight deteriorates, we can't remember as much, we're not as mobile as we once were . . . Let's face it, this is pretty much a deteriorating scenario . . .

Memory    Sorry I seem to have forgotten what I was going to say at this point . .

funny birthday card by brainbox candy

Wrinklies / Brainbox Candy

Deteriorating eyesight    When we start to have to hold that book / menu / smart phone just a little bit further away so we can focus properly . . . reading glasses can't be far away. We love this card from the Waving at Trains range.

UK Greetings

Water works    Whether it's needing to go to the toilet more often or starting to become a little incontinent, card publishers cheekily pick up on this part of ageing. The birthday card by Dean Morrish is one for good friends with an appropriate sense of humour as it's also quite rude! 

humorous birthday card

Dean Morris / Pigment

Mobility    As our bodies age, we just can't do things in the same way we used to and card publishers just love to poke fun at this . . .

funny birthday card by wrinklieshumorous birthday card by icon

Rosie Made a Thing / Wrinklies / Icon 

Wisdom (or lack of it)    All these years of experience make us more learned and wise. This is surely the saving grace of getting older. However, just as we gain all this wisdom, we also begin to forget what we have learnt! 

funny birthday cardhumorous birthday card by quitting hollywood 

Simon Drew / Harold's Planet / Pigment / Quitting Hollywood

Of course, there is always denial to fall back on. That is, deny we are the age that people think we are or perhaps skip the odd year or two along the way. This can be a great way make out we are younger than we really are. But beware, you need to keep a mental note of what your made-up age is . . .

Drama Queen / Hunky Dory / Pigment / UK Greetings

Another route that some publishers have used to remind the recipient about their age is to compare what some famous people have achieved by the time they were the same age. Both in the sense of cheekily suggesting that the recipient has achieved relatively little compared to those magnificent people but also sometimes in the comforting, reassuring angle that there is still time to do wonderful things.

Paper Plane / Splimple

Top 10 Funny Birthday Cards

Anyway, let's take a look at the current top ten birthday cards. These are based on actual recent sales.

At number 10 is a great new card from Traces of Nuts showing a man who has made some ingenious modifications to his hairdryer to reflect his changing hair distribution! Lovely humour from cartoonist Tim Whyatt.

In 9th position is another new design this time by Rosie Made a Thing. A relatively new publisher, Rosie Made a Thing has become enormously popular within a short period of time, already a winner of a Henries Award for Best Humorous Range. (The Henries are Oscar's equivalent for the greeting card industry.) I feel I should ask what your favourite dinosaur is at this point . . .

At number eight is a witty illustration by Simon Drew. Simon is a talented artist with a particular flair for puns and wordplay. Here, he shows a climber finally making it to the summit of Mount Everest who then can't remember what we came up here for!

In 7th position is a card from Pigment which is a brilliant play on words, welcoming the recipient to their 'wonder years'. However it goes on to reveal that this isn't so much their golden years to which they are referring but a more literal interpretation of wonder years, wondering where they have left things or what day it is. Very cheeky indeed.

Coming in at number 6 is another great card from Rosie Made a Thing, suggesting that the recipient is still young enough to pull off wearing some leopard skin and look fabulous (great card for him!).

funny birthday card by rosie made a thing

In 5th place in our bestselling birthday card list is another card from Traces of Nuts. A butterfly is pulled over by the police and feels he has to explain why the photo in his driving licence is so different from his appearance now. Rather than age taking effect here, it's more like metamorphosis.

funny birthday card by traces of nuts

At number 4 is a fine caption card by Pigment, showing a lady standing next to a large pile of empty bottles. That must have been some party. She is ashamed, not by the sheer number of bottles, more that some bottles still have some alcohol in them!

humorous birthday card by pigment

Taking bronze is a funny card from the Fleet Street range. This range features spoof newspaper front pages. The headlines in this edition shows a lady in a state of excitement and readiness to celebrate her birthday (or perhaps not).

funny birthday card by fleet street

In silver position is another great card from Pigment. In a classic doctor patient consultation setting, the doctor reveals that the man's dodgy hip is the least of his worries and they have decided to keep his hip and replace everything else!

funny birthday card by pigment

Taking gold, and our current bestselling birthday card, is this cheeky design by Paperlink. In a dummy questionnaire, it asks if the recipient is childish. Going by the drawing of a penis (albeit in the 'no' box) I think we all know the true answer to this question.

funny birthday card by paperlink

Here is a video which runs through our top ten (just like Top of the Pops isn't it?) 

There are some great quotes from famous people, describing their experience of birthdays and getting older. Some are humorous, some are inspirational, some are thought-provoking and some are just plain true.

Mark Twain - 'Age is a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.'

Lucille Ball - 'The secret of staying young is to love honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age.'

Bob Hope - 'You know you're getting older when the candles cost more than the cake.'

George Bernard Shaw - 'Youth is wasted on young people.'

Nicky Gumbel - 'Today is the oldest you have been, and the youngest you will be. Make the most of it!'

Pope John XXIII - 'Men are like wine. Some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.'

Charles Schulz - 'Just remember, once you're over the hill you begin to pick up speed.'

Satchel Paige - 'How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are.'

Robert Frost - 'A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday but never remembers her age.'

Norman Wisdom - 'As you get older three things happen. The first is your memory goes, and I can't remember the other two.'

What better way to end this article on birthdays and getting older than to take a look at the wonderful words of Bob Dylan's 'Forever Young' song. Remember getting older is unavoidable but growing up is very much optional. May we all stay forever young!

May God's bless and keep you always
May your wishes all come true
May you always do for others
And let others do for you
May you build a ladder to the stars
And climb on every rung
May you stay
May you stay forever young

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Funny new birthday cards from Traces of Nuts and Waving at Trains

31 January, 2019 0 comments Leave a comment

We are delighted to present some funny new birthday cards from UK Greetings: hilarious cartoons from Traces of Nuts and some humorous captions from the Waving at Trains range.

At the Comedy Card Company, we are always excited to see the new releases from card publishers at the start of each year. UK Greetings is one of the UK's largest card publishers and home to two of our favourite and most popular ranges - Traces of Nuts and Waving at Trains.

Firstly, let's take a look at Traces of Nuts. These feature the talents of Australian cartoonist Tim Whyatt. His cartoons have been entertaining us for many years now. We're glad to say that several new designs have just been released. We love this one showing a man who has modified his hairdryer to his changing anatomy as he gets older.

Another new cartoon shows a dog moaning to her friends that her 'kids' have been 'getting on her tits' all day - quite literally too!

Waving at Trains is one of our favourite caption ranges. The captions just seem to match the photographs perfectly. We just love this card showing a woman taking a look at herself in the mirror - she looks a bit shocked. However she is not shocked in horror, more amazed about just how fabulous she looks. If only we all felt this way when we looked in the mirror!

Another great birthday card shows a man holding his phone at arm's length. His wife thinks he is trying to take a selfie but he's just trying to read the text on his phone! Ah, the joys of getting older and the need to start wearing reading glasses.

Speaking of reading glasses, have you watched Michael McIntyre talking about reading glasses . . . so funny.

These are just a few of the new cards from Traces of Nuts and Waving at Trains. Hope they made you smile.

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The Waving at Trains range are within our UK Greetings range

We launch this year's selection of funny Valentine's day cards

15 January, 2019 0 comments Leave a comment

Valentine's day is fast approaching and we present this year's collection of funny cards to make your loved one smile.

You can almost feel the romance in the air as February 14th edges ever closer. We only sell funny greeting cards at the Comedy Card Company so our range of Valentines cards are a bit different from the more typical cards featuring images of red roses and slushy romantic verse. Our cards feature some great humour. Some are a bit cheekier, even rude, but still with a hint of romance behind them! Why not make your loved one smile or laugh this year?

Here are a few of our favourite new cards for this year. We love this one from Buddy Fernandez that echoes the famous song from Grease.

New card from the award winning Gin and Frolics range by Rosie Made a Thing:

A cheeky and bold card from Dean Morris:

Another great new card from Rosie Made a Thing: 

A superb new card from Buddy Fernandez, using a dog analogy to express a love interest!

A lovely card from the Life is Sweet range by Icon:

A cheeky card from the Light Box range by Brainbox Candy:

These are just a few of the new cards for this year. Here are some perennial favourite cards that are amongst our bestselling Valentine cards. Take a look at this classic one from the Fred range by cartoonist Rupert Fawcett.

Lovely contemporary card from Paper Plane:

Another cheeky card from Brainbox Candy:

Wonderful original humour from Rosie Made a Thing:

Perfect Valentine's card from Brainbox Candy:

Another bestseller, this time from Icon:

And finally a classic favourite from Rosie Made a Thing:

These are just a small selection of our Valentines cards, some new designs and some old favourites. Take a look at our whole range, we're sure you'll find something to tickle your loved one's funny bone.

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New range of funny greeting cards from Icon

10 January, 2019 1 comments Leave a comment

We are delighted to present a brand new range of greeting cards. Published by Icon, Curious World is a range featuring photographs of animals alongside truly funny captions.

The New Year brings a flurry of new card designs from greeting card publishers. First off the mark is a brand new range entitled Curious World. Published by Icon, Curious World is a photographic range featuring images of various animals with hilariously funny captions. 

We particularly like this Guinea Pig design which suggests that there is more going on in there than would initially appear!

This is a great birthday card, poking some gentle fun at the recipient's advancing age. Not so much that they are getting old, it's just that they have been young for such a long time.


Here, we get a lesson in the difference between being lazy and simply being on an energy saving mode. It's a cat life isn't it?

Another great birthday card shows another dog, who is still looking rather cool despite the advancing years.

We really like this photo showing a pair of cheeky horses, with the caption suggesting that they are best friends who lead each other astray. Makes for a great friendship card.

This grumpy looking cat illustrates a key difference between dogs and cats: whereas dogs have owners who look after them, cats have staff that do as they wish. We can't argue with that.

Another funny birthday card, this time showing a very sad looking labrador who is failing to convince us that the recipient's birthday is the happiest day of his life.

This is another great birthday card, cheekily suggesting that the recipient should keep smiling - while they still have their teeth!

We really hope you have enjoyed looking at this new range. The cards are printed on high quality card and measure approximately 6 x 6 inches. They are blank inside for your own message.

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The Top 10 Funny Christmas cards of 2018

06 December, 2018 1 comments Leave a comment

The results are in! Let's take a look at which funny Christmas cards have been the most popular this year.

We love funny cards at the Comedy Card Company and Christmas is no exception. At this time of year, birthday cards poking fun at people's ages make way for cards about Christmas. Santa comes in for a lot of stick, as do the Three Wise Men, the excess food (and in particular the sprouts!), drinking and the goodwill or perhaps the lack of it! There are always some new designs mixed in with some perennial favourites that are popular year after year.

By sales volumes, these are our most popular humorous Christmas cards of the year - as chosen by you. The 'Santa & Co' range by cartoonist Jamie Charteris feature heavily in our top ten list. Classic cartoons with great humour means truly mass appeal which we think is the secret behind their success. Cartoons from Cath Tate and wonderful contemporary designs by Rosie Made a Thing have also done very well.

Here's our countdown of the top ten:

At Number 10 is a wonderful caption card from Drama Queen. One of the best caption ranges, Drama Queen features hilarious captions to old theatrical photographs. This is a new one for this year.

Coming in at Number 9, is another new design from the They Can Talk range by Woodmansterne. We just love the humour in this card showing a cat with its own unique way of wishing its owners a merry Christmas!

In 8th position is a great cartoon by Kathryn Lamb. How else could Wenceslas be feeing other than good! Published by Cath Tate.

At number 7 is another card from Cath Tate, this time by cartoonist Judy Horacek. We believe in you Santa!

Taking 6th position is a perennial favourite illustrating how much better three wise women would have been.

In 5th place is another long standing favourite from Jamie Charteris and his 'Santa & Co' range. This cartoon shows a slightly less than rosy picture of life for Santa and Rudolph at Xmas.

Coming in at number 4 this year (and last year's top seller) is this design from the award winning Rosie Made a Thing range. A little girl has a tell-it-like-it-is approach in her 'Dear Santa' letter!

Taking bronze position this year is another card by Rosie Made a Thing. A somewhat more sinister ending to the popular song about Rudolph and the other reindeers!

In 2nd place is a new design from Jamie Charteris. Joseph is being a bit like a typical man as Mary and Joseph set off for Bethlehem. Book an hotel? No need, it'll be fine.

And the winner is . . . .

Our most popular Christmas card this year is another classic cartoon from Jamie Charteris showing Santa warning Rudolph against taking liberties and wiping his nose on the curtains as he delivers the family's presents - if only it was his nose!

Well there you have it, our top ten most popular funny cards this Christmas. Is your favourite here? We have hundreds more to choose from, including a section of hilariously rude cards.

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