Funny Christmas cards from Rosie Made a Thing

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Rosie Made a Thing publish a hugely popular range of humorous greeting cards and their Christmas cards are no exception. Indeed two of their cards where in our top three bestselling Xmas cards of last year.

Rosie Made a Thing is a relatively new card publisher, starting from a kitchen table as recently as 2014. Since then they have grown at a great pace, culminating in winning a Henries Award for Best Humorous range in 2016. (The Henries are the greeting card industry's equivalent of the Oscars.) Rosie Harrison is the Leicester based creator behind the highly popular 'Gin 7 Frolics' range. Contemporary design and quirky, original humour combine to give mass appeal to her cards. They are printed on great quality card too.

Her 'everyday' cards (birthdays and general humour) sell very well throughout the year. With new designs being regularly added, the range just goes from strength to strength. Her Xmas cards are no exception to the rule. The following two cards were in our top three bestselling Christmas cards of last year.


We are excited to present some new cards for 2018. We love this one showing a woman, clearly full of festive food. However, not wishing to pass an opportunity of even more food, she is keen to give some turkey sandwiches a go too!


Another new design features the Three Wise Men. They collectively decide that the gold is way and above the best present of the three so they opt to say that the gold is from all of them!


For a seasonal variation, a woman wants to know if her bum looks Christmassy (rather than big) in her Xmas outfit.


Rosie Made a Thing has also released several cards captioned for relatives this year. We love this one for Mum and Dad. The caption hopes that they have a relaxing time before confirming if they are still hosting Christmas this year!

In this card, Mum reveals her secret for getting though the day - special Christmas juice no less. I am sure that's a Kale smoothie . . .


These are just a few of our favourite Rosie Made a Thing Christmas cards. We have many more and also a vast number of cards from other publishers too - we're certain we'll have something to tickle your funny bone and make your friends and family laugh this year.

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Humorous Christmas cards by Jamie Charteris

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Jamie Charteris is a cartoonist whose humorous Christmas cards are always among our bestsellers during the festive season. Here we present some new cartoons for this year as well as some perennial favourites.

'The Bottomline' is Jamie Charteris's everyday birthday range and has been entertaining us for many years. His wonderful humour, which is always really funny without being rude or offensive, imparts his colourful cartoons with truly mass appeal. Perhaps for this reason, his Christmas cards, which are often sent to family members, also do particularly well. His ranges are split into 'Santa & Co' featuring banter between Santa and Rudolph (and sometimes the other reindeer too). His other Xmas range, 'Wit and Wisdom', tends to focus on characters from the nativity scene, such as the Three Wise Men, or humour revolving around the family gatherings. Jamie Charteris's greeting cards are published by Paperlink, a UK card publisher well known for its humour ranges.

Here are a couple of his bestselling cards that have stood the test of time. This one showing Rudolph describing just another typical Christmas, with a broken sledge and Santa in a foul mood, is always so popular. 


Another favourite cartoon shows Santa warning Rudolph against even thinking about wiping his nose on the family's curtains as they deliver their presents. However it's not his nose that he has too worry about!


New for this year, is this cartoon showing Mary and Joseph about to set off for Bethlehem. Mary goes through a checklist of things Joseph was meant to do before leaving: put the bins out, yes, lock the door, yes, book the hotel . . . at this, he evades the question and asks her to just get on the donkey. Joseph is a man after all, what else can we expect! This card has been making us all laugh at the Comedy Card Company.


Another new design shows Rudolph handing a resignation letter from one of the other reindeer to Santa. Apparently the particular reindeer has been offered a job on Strictly Come Dancing. Which reindeer? Dancer of course!


In this cartoon, Rudolph reads the mechanic's report for the sleigh, which has just had its MOT test. Bad at getting started, dodgy rear emissions . . . hang on that's Santa, the sleigh is fine! Poor Santa, the cheeky banter he has to contend with from his reindeer.


These are just a small number of our Jamie Charteris Christmas cards from classic favourites to new ones. Hope you have enjoyed taking a look at them and hope you'll take a look at our full range.

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Funny Christmas cards from Woodmansterne for 2018

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As the nights draw in, boxes packed full of Christmas cards start to arrive at the door of the Comedy Card Company. Specialising in humorous cards, we have lots of new funny Christmas cards to make us laugh and brighten our days as the temperature outside starts to fall.

Woodmansterne is a family business (third generation) that publishes high quality greeting cards. All of their cards are printed in the UK in their own printing works in Hertfordshire. Originally specialising in fine art, they now produce a wide range of cards and have won numerous well deserved industry design awards over the years.

They always release many new designs for Christmas each year and at the Comedy Card Company we seek out the very best in their humour ranges. Let's take a look at some of our favourites for this year.

Drama Queen

Drama Queen is published by Cardmix, part of the Woodmansterne group. It is a long standing and hugely popular range featuring hilarious captions to original, old theatrical photographs. The captions are penned by comedian Alex Lowe (a multitalented artist and comedic actor, who is also the man behind the mask of 'Barry from Watford'). Drama Queen release a fresh batch of Christmas cards each year and there are some fabulous ones this year. Look at this one showing a man in a state of shock after learning that his entire family will be joining them from for Christmas!

We also love this cheeky caption to a photograph of a man wearing tights. The little bulge in his crotch reminds the woman that she must some add chipolatas to her shopping list!

This caption pokes fun at those family newsletters that sometimes get slipped into Christmas cards, boasting about the family's achievements through the year. A lady asks her family members if there is any tiny successes that she can exaggerate in the newsletter!


Matthew Pritchett is the much loved newspaper cartoonist from the Daily Telegraph. Better known simply as 'Matt' on account of the signature on his cartoons. I am delighted to say that Woodmansterne, after a period of absence, has released some Christmas cards featuring Matt cartoons for this year. A welcome return to our Xmas card selection.

We particularly like this one showing Santa embracing the latest technology and opting to use a fleet of drones to deliver his presents rather than the more traditional sleigh and reindeer.

Another favourite is this cartoon showing the Three Wise Men taking a selfie to commemorate their journey to Bethlehem. That will no doubt be all over social media!

Off the Leash

Off the Leash is a series of cartoons about the life of dogs featuring the well observed humour of cartoonist Rupert Fawcett. This range is a really popular everyday range and the Christmas range doesn't disappoint either.

Take a look at this cartoon showing a pair of dogs seizing the opportunity to polish off some of the Christmas dinner leftovers. A sort of pre wash for the dishwasher!

We also like this one showing a pair of Dachshunds walking in the snow. They start to worry as the snow continues to fall, as any more than three inches could mean frozen nipples!

They Can Talk

With another animal theme, the They Can Talk range features cartoons by Jimmy Craig. Wonderfully original humour and contemporary design. The Christmas range gets a bit of extra seasonal sparkle.

One of our favourites amongst all of the new Christmas cards for this year, has to be this one showing a cat casually informing its owners that it has vomited in the kitchen before remembering to wish them both a Merry Christmas!

We also really like this cartoon showing a hermit crab whose New Year resolution is just to be able to fit back into its shell.

Another great cartoon shows a penguin looking for his friend amongst a sea of similar looking penguins . . .

Hope you have enjoyed this brief introduction to the Christmas cards published by Woodmansterne. This is just a small number from our extensive range of cards. Take a look and have a laugh at this year's selection.

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This year's funny Christmas cards from UK Greetings

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We are delighted to present this year's new releases of funny Christmas cards from one of the country's largest publishers, UK Greetings

We all hate to see the summer end but at the Comedy Card Company, the start of autumn also heralds the arrival of this year's humorous Christmas cards. They come in a steady stream from September onwards. With the really big publishing companies like UK Greetings, you have to place your order for Xmas cards in early spring so that by the time they arrive, you can't always remember what you ordered! We have recently unpacked our UK Greetings order and here we present some of our favourites from this year's collection of funny Christmas cards.

UK Greetings publish the very popular Traces of Nuts range which features consistently great humour from cartoonist Tim Whyatt. This card is one of our favourites of all the new designs. The cartoon shows Santa meeting children in his grotto wearing a bright pink beard. His elves reveal all - he washed his beard along with his red suit in the same washing machine cycle!

Waving at Trains is one of our favourite ranges, featuring funny captions to old photographs. This design is a Christmas version of their popular birthday card. It shows a couple out on a Boxing Day walk. After just two minutes of walking, the man is relieved to have spotted a pub in the distance.

Another great card by Waving at Trains is this one showing a photograph of men rolling large barrels of beer / wine along a street, the caption suggesting that this is the recipient's Christmas booze delivery! Makes a great card for a couple known to enjoy a tipple.

Waving at Trains have also produced some superb cards for relatives this year. Here is a great card for a father. As Dad opens his present - another tie(!) - he marvels at his family's creativity when it comes to choosing presents for him.

We love this 'Brother' card too. He might well appear with an armful of presents but he still won't be mum's favourite. I feel some sibling rivalry at play here!

Speaking of mum, this card gives a mum her own little Xmas carol, changing the second line of 'Hark the Herald Angels sing' to 'Mum is drinking all the gin'! Great card for a mother who enjoys a gin and tonic.

Another new card that we think will be popular is this one with a cartoon showing santa with his own version of a 'selfie stick'. He has a stick with an elf tied to the end to take a photo with a camera. An 'Elfie stick' of course!

We also love these new cards from the Hanson White range also by UK Greetings. We like the design of this card showing a penguin getting into the festive spirit and drawing attention to his seasonal Xmas jumper.

There is also a great card for a wife in this range. It states that the husband hopes that she likes the presents that he has clearly been told to buy for her!

Featuring great word play from the Giggles range, this card shows 'Bar Humbug', a pub that is full of people moaning about 'bloody Christmas'; how much money it costs, the rubbish telly, the queues, the sprouts . . .  


UK Greetings is also the publisher of the classic New Yorker range. Featuring cartoons from the famous New Yorker magazine, a magazine noted for its fine sense of satirical humour. Here is a new one released for this year. It shows a child on Christmas day. Having opened all of his presents, he asks his parents when would be an acceptable time so start wanting more!

These are just some of the new Christmas cards from UK Greetings. We hope you have enjoyed looking at them. We have many more cards from lots of other publishers too, including lots that are still to arrive. This year will feature Comedy Card Company's largest ever Christmas card collection - something to look forward to!

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Hilarious new birthday cards from Pigment

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Ever popular publisher Pigment has just released some great new cards, including some hilarious birthday cards.

At the Comedy Card Company, we are always delighted to show you some new cards. Pigment is a greeting card publisher that produces some great humorous cards with mass appeal. They have recently released some new designs and there are some particularly good birthday cards amongst the new material.

Fleet Street is one of their most popular ranges featuring spoof headlines in the style of a vintage newspaper front page. One of our favourites of the new designs is this one showing a birthday girl ready to party . . . sound asleep on a park bench!

We also love this caption card showing a man having a consultation with his doctor. On reflection the consultant has decided that it would be best to cancel the hip replacement operation - indeed, he has decided to keep his hip and replace the rest of him! Makes for a great birthday card. From the Riff Raff range.

Another new card, this time from the brightly coloured Nutty Neon range is this fiftieth birthday card. It looks like someone has phoned to wish the woman many happy returns on turning fifty. However, in blissful denial, she simply suggests that the caller has the wrong number!

Yet another wonderful new birthday card is this one from the Ribticklers range. The cheeky caption is suggesting that the recipient is getting to the age where they are quite likely to walk into a room but forget why they have done so! [Editor's note: Isn't that quite normal?]

These are just a few favourites from Pigment's new releases. Click below to view the whole Pigment range.

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The Top 10 Funniest Greeting cards of 2018

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At the Comedy Card Company, we live and breathe funny greeting cards. For a bit of fun, let's take a look at the top ten bestselling humorous cards of 2018. Have a laugh at these . . .

Our most popular card features a cartoon showing a man demonstrating his new cycling outfit to his wife, while leaving an unfortunate shadow on the wall behind him! Great humour from cartoonist Peter Nesbit and the Rainbow range of birthday cards.

Taking silver this year is a brilliant cartoon by Tim Whyatt. A butterfly is pulled over by the police and asked to show his driving licence. He explains that it's an old photo in his licence as the policeman looks at a photograph of a caterpillar. Great humour from the Traces of Nuts range.

Our third bestselling card is a perennial favourite from Dean Morris. A really cheeky birthday card with a caption suggesting that you know you're getting old when all your friends start to smell of wee!

In forth position is a new card from Pigment. Another hilarious caption card which shows a lady surrounded by lots of empty bottles. The caption suggests that she is ashamed - not by the sheer number of empties in her recycling bin, more by the fact that she has left some alcohol in one of the bottles!

Taking fifth place, is a wonderful card from Rosie Made a Thing. This range recently won a Henries Award (the greeting card equivalent of the Oscars) award for Best Humorous Range and it's easy to see why. Combining contemporary design with great humour, Rosie creates designs that people can really relate to. This one makes a superb birthday card for her.

At number six is this cheeky card from Paperlink. Taking the form of a questionnaire, it asks the person if they are childish. Given that they have added a 'b' to the end of the 'No' answer to make 'nob' and then gone on to drawn a willy in the tick box, I think that answers the question perfectly well!

In seventh place is a long standing favourite. Featuring a classic cartoon taken from the famous New Yorker magazine, a magazine noted for its fine sense of satirical humour. This one shows Noah's Ark in a spot of bother after taking a pair of Woodpeckers on board!

In eighth position is a birthday card with an hilarious cartoon showing the disastrous consequences of not wearing a sports bra to a Zumba class. Great humour from cartoonist Lee Fearnley who signs his cartoons simply as Fernz. 

At number nine is another great birthday card. Suggesting that the recipient is reaching their 'wonder years', the card goes on to suggest that rather than their glorious golden years, this means that they literally wonder where their glasses are and what day it is!

Completing our round up of the top ten funniest cards, is this cracker from Kiss me Kwik. One of the most original caption cards we have have seen lately, this card shows a mother and daughter. The mother asks her child if she is a good mother but blows it by getting her name wrong! Superb humour from Kiss me Kwik.

Well there you have it. The ten best selling funny cards of 2018 thus far. Is your favourite here? Click on the link below to see our bestselling cards.

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Hilarious new range of birthday cards by Fernz - Meet Bob

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We welcome a brand new range of funny birthday cards by cartoonist Lee Fearnley ('Fernz')

Lee Fearnley, who signs his cartoons simply as Fernz, is a very popular cartoonist. He created the 'Look at it This Way' range which is a firm favourite at the Comedy Card Company. Recently he has been working on new cartoons and we think they are truly hilarious. Say hello to Bob, our hapless hero, who seems to find himself in the most awkward of situations! These colourful greeting cards all have 'Happy Birthday' printed inside and the range is aptly named 'Bob On'.

We love this card showing Bob floating in a lifebuoy as the cruise ship sails on without him. He misheard someone say 'A band on ship' - poor Bob thought they said 'Abandon ship!'

Now this is an easy mistake to make isn't it? Naturalists versus naturists - they sound so similar but when you turn up to a local group, you should really make sure you are at the correct one! How embarrassing.

'No strings attached guarantees' are all very well but be careful how to interpret the meaning, especially is you are about to go on a parachute jump!

Another favourite from the new range is this one showing Bob misreading the notice for the local Pilates class, turning up in his full Pirate costume! Bless him, he is still taking part though.

These are just a few designs from the range. View the entire Fernz range of birthday cards. 


Our Top 5 Funny Father's Day cards

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We love Father's Day at the Comedy Card Company. Whereas the card publishers are quite restrained about their humour on Mother's Day, they really seem to go to town poking fun at dear old Dad on Father's Day!

Here we present our top 5 funniest Father's Day cards for 2018. Drum roll please!

We love this card from Simon Spicer with an hilarious caption to an image taken from a Ladybird children's book showing a dad who seems to have forgotten his son's name!


A humorous card from Brainbox Candy, with a message for dad suggesting that they are 'alright' despite what mum says about him!

A firm favourite for this year is this one showing a father flying a kite with his son. While dad is preoccupied with getting the kite airborne, the son makes a dash for it!

A cheeky card suggesting that Father's Day is the most important day of the year - however, that is after Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, the sender's birthday and even pancake day!

Lovely humour from Tottering by Gently, demonstrating that when a man says he is going to do a chore around the house, he will. There is no need to keep reminding him (every six months!)

These are just a few of our favourite Father's Day cards. We have a large selection of cards with a wide range of humour. Take a look!

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New greeting cards from Tottering by Gently

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Tottering by Gently is a popular cartoon strip that has appeared on the back page of the Country Life magazine since 1993. Having recently marked this 25 year anniversary, we take a took at the story behind Tottering.

'It is because of Annie Tempest that most people read magazines backwards' Duke of Devonshire, At Home with the Totterings

The wonderful artist behind the Tottering by Gently cartoons is Annie Tempest. Annie was born in Zambia but at the age of 12 she moved to the UK when her father inherited Broughton Hall in Norfolk. This dilapidated stately home is undoubtedly the inspiration for 'Tottering Hall'. Despite its leaking roof and draughty rooms it still led to a vision of aristocratic rural life, which Annie absorbed through fresh eyes. Her father is the inspiration behind Lord Tottering, known and Dicky, whereas Lady Tottering, 'Daffy', was originally inspired by a neighbour but Annie admits that nowadays Daffy is more and more like herself. Her own children have inspired the Tottering's grandchildren.

In the cartoon strip, Tottering Hall is located in the peaceful rural village of Tottering-by-Gently within the fictional county of North Pimmshire. The cartoons follow Dicky and Daffy as they deal with life as they grow older. Regularly joined by their grandchildren and beloved dogs Scribble and Slobber.

'Tottering portrays a cast of characters endearingly absent minded and tipsy, surrounded by labradors, horses, guns, Agas and endless bottle . . . It is brilliantly observed, affectionate portrayal of a way of aristocratic rural life, changing irrevocably as it adapts to the modern world.' Charlotte Metcalf, Spears magazine, September 2012

We are delighted to present some new greeting cards featuring some hilarious Tottering by Gently cartoons. Annie Tempest is a fine artist but also a master of observational humour. Many of her cartoons are inspired from actual comments made by friends, family, and acquaintances. Her father, and the funny things he says, is often drawn upon to create her cartoons featuring Lord Tottering.

This a favourite among the new designs, showing Lady Tottering taking the upper hand during a disagreement and making it clear this argument has come to an end while she is winning!

We also love this one showing Dicky and Daffy discussing how things change as you get older, though sometimes this can be advantageous . . .

This one demonstrates Annie Tempest's talent for observational humour, the grandmother at the receiving end of all of the grandchildren's attention whereas the grandfather is largely left alone to read his newspaper . . .

Another of our favourites among the new releases, is this card showing Lady Tottering complaining that it is unfair how men seem to wake up looking relatively unchanged overnight whereas she seems to deteriorate! 

This greeting card shows the Tottering's two dogs - Scribble and Slobber - demonstrating that they are not roused from their sleep on the sofa when doorbell rings or even when a burglar breaks in but seem to be able to hear a carrot being peeled(!) in the kitchen, announcing that food may shortly be available . . .

We love the humour in this cartoon. Lord Tottering asks his wife to remind him what the computer password is. When she replies that it's their wedding anniversary date, this leaves Dicky in hot water - surely he remembers that date?!

These are just some of the new greeting cards from the Tottering by Gently range. Why not take a look at our Tottering by Gently range

Here is a video showing an interview with Annie Tempest describing her inspirations . . .

New funny cards from Off the Leash

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With the Off the Leash range, cartoonist Rupert Fawcett has created a very funny range of greeting cards. Focussed on dogs, their attitude to life and their relationship with humans, the aptly named 'Off the Leash' range has proved to be very popular. His observations are particularly well received by dog owners who recognise the same behaviours in their own dogs.

This design is one of the most popular in the range, showing a dog who is showing off after attending obedience classes.

The range is published by Woodmansterne and they have recently released several new designs featuring some wonderful new cartoons. We love this one showing two dogs planning for their lazy week ahead. It's a dog's life after all!

Another particular favourite is this card illustrating the various roles that a dog can take in the household from important jobs such as security to more dubious ones such as chief sock distributor!

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