New cards from Rosie Made a Thing - Comedy Card Company

New cards from Rosie Made a Thing

Feb 09, 2023Alan Auld

Just arrived. New designs from the award winning Rosie Made a Thing range of humorous greeting cards.

We know that a lot of our customers absolutely love Rosie Made a Thing. And for good reason: her cards effortlessly combine lovely contemporary design with a fine sense of humour. 

At the Comedy Card Company, we started stocking Rosie's card when she only had a tiny range. Since then her business she has grown at a breakneck speed to become widely stocked in many shops, has won multiple Henries awards (think of the Oscars for greeting card publishers!), and now has an extensive range of designs. When publishers become really popular, with that comes a constant demand for new designs. This can put the designer under pressure to come up with fresh ideas that are still have the same mass appeal. Well, I think we can safely say that there is no sign of Rosie running out of steam yet! Her latest batch of designs are simply superb and I am sure they will go down a storm.

For all fans of Rosie Made a Thing, here are a few of our favourite new ones. You can view full range here.

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