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Funny Christmas cards - New for 2022!

Oct 12, 2022Alan Auld

We have lots of newness amongst our range of funny Christmas cards. Quite possibly our best ever range, which is good news as we all need a bit of humour this year!

After another year of 'unprecedented' news we really do need something to make us smile don't we? Putin, the energy crisis, the cost of living and the resultant strikes, normality hasn't exactly burst back after Covid. After a couple of years of social distancing, we are inviting the whole family around again - if only to help us keep warm!

To cheer us up, as the nights start to draw in, lots of hilarious new Christmas cards have been arriving at our door. The best bit? Well, I really think this year's collection could be our best ever! Hope some of these new cards will make you giggle and maybe, just maybe, get you in the festive mood.

The Santa & Co range by cartoonist Jamie Charteris have been a mainstay of our humorous Christmas cards for many years. Jamie has not lost his touch, producing brand new cartoons for this year. 

We are delighted to see that Woodmansterne have published some of MATT's cartoons in their Christmas offering. Matt, as many of you will know, is the much loved newspaper cartoonist. We love the one showing Noah's ark containing two of each animal apart from turkeys, where an extra one has been allowed on board. Can't think why. Also the Three Wise Men, where one of them has selected socks as a gift.

Woodmansterne have also released new ones from the Fred range and Irene & Gladys.

Rosie Made a Thing is one of our most popular publishers and Christmas is no exception. New for this year, is an hilarious cartoon showing Mary giving Joseph a hard time for failing to book the hotel. 

There's always room for twiglets . . .

Also great to have some new cartoons from Lee Fearnley courtesy of the Great British Card Company. From his 'Tips for a Happy Christmas' range, we love the one showing a couple regretting buying their crackers from a bloke in the pub! Also the one showing some devious lions using a 'Santa stop here' sign to their advantage. The less said about 'Big Willie' the better!

Simon Drew is renowned for his fine illustration, often punctuated with some clever word play, as demonstrated with this new design showing a partridge on a par three!

Rainbow cards produce colourful cartoons which do very well at this time of year, being timeless and of broad appeal. We particularly like the one showing Santa frustrated with his replacements for the reindeer - who are on strike (very topical).

At the Comedy Card Company, we also produce our own cards too. We always have lots of fun creating our Christmas designs. 

There's also new ones from Modern Toss, Bold & Bright, Kiss me Kwik and Redback:

A brand new range for us this year, say hello to 'Not at all Jack'. Their birthday cards have been proving popular with their wonderfully quirky style. Their Christmas ones are pretty good too!


These are just some of the brand new Christmas cards for this year. Hope some might have tickled your fancy [Editor's note: sorry, I don't know where that came from].

Please note, with multiple strike days planned by Royal Mail in the run up to Christmas, we would suggest that you post your cards a bit earlier this year to avoid any disappointment. 

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