The top 5 best selling funny cards this month

May 17, 2014alan auld

At the Comedy Card Company, we love funny cards (no surprises there!) and we thought it would be fun to show you which of our cards, out of the hundreds of humorous designs that we stock, are the current best sellers. Here we present the top five most popular cards based on numbers sold this past month. Let the countdown begin!

At number 5, an hilarious caption card by Dean Morris which we believe is so popular because it combines work, modern technology and a patronising boss - all good fodder for comedy!



At number 4, a funny card featuring a classic cartoon from the New Yorker magazine (famous for its satirical sense of humour) about Lassie lying on a psychiatrist's couch trying to deal with the trauma of trying to save his master!

Number 3 on the podium is a very funny card by Quitting Hollywood, about the Cambridge University Netball Team and their rather unfortunate (and rude!) abbreviation.


Coming in at number 2 on our best selling list of humorous cards, is another classic cartoon from the New Yorker range about Noah realising that taking a pair of woodpeckers onto his wooden Ark wasn't such a good idea!

Drum roll please . . . at number 1, and our current best selling funny greeting card . . . is . . .

An hilariously rude card about a rabbit reading Watership Down (and thinking 'f*cking hell' !!) published by Urban Graphic.

There you go - our current top five funny cards. Is your favourite here?


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