Funny Christmas Cards - the 2014 collection

Oct 10, 2014alan auld

Funny Christmas Cards

At the Comedy Card Company, we love funny cards for all occasions and Christmas is no exception. We think if you are going to send a Christmas card you might as well make the recipient smile or laugh at the same time! There is plenty of fodder for humour in the festive season as we can see here . . .

Firstly, there are lots of humorous cards involving Santa / Father Christmas:


Some cards poke some (gentle) fun at the Nativity, especially the three wise men for some reason:


Alas, there is humour in the fate of the poor Turkeys as we can see in these funny greeting cards:


And there is a bunch of funny cards relating to the family coming round to stay for Christmas!


And, of course, in contrast to the Christmas spirit of peace and goodwill, there are lots of humorous cards that embrace the spirit of bah humbug!

We are delighted to present a selection of some of the best, funniest Christmas cards we could find. This year we have split the collection into Funny Christmas cards and Rude Christmas cards. Some of the rude cards are truly hilarious but beware some feature foul language!



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