New additions to the 'Funny Side of Life' range

Mar 18, 2015alan auld

We welcome new additions to the popular 'Funny Side of Life' range by Rainbow Cards

The 'Funny Side of Life' is a range of humorous cards featuring big, colourful cartoons with classic humour of truly broad appeal. The greeting cards are larger than average size at approximately 8 x 6 inches, are printed on high quality card and, as such, represent good value at £1.99 each. Despite their larger size, they are still within normal letter size (for UK posting). All have the words Happy Birthday printed inside. 

The range largely features the work of cartoonists Peter Nesbit and Ian Mackintosh, though not exclusively. All the cartoonists in the range share a similar sense of humour and style so their various cartoons sit well together in the range. They display a great sense of humour that is not offensive, but timeless and classic. 

We are delighted to present some brand new additions to 'The Funny Side of Life' range. Here are a few of our favourites among the new designs:

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