We launch our funny Father's Day cards for 2015!

May 25, 2015alan auld

Why not make dad laugh this year with a funny Father's Day card?

Father's Day falls on Sunday 21st June this year - don't forget. When you google Father's Day, it says :

' . . . common gifts for Father's Day include ties, socks, underwear, sweaters, slippers or other items of clothing. Other people give tools for household maintenance . . .'

Poor dad! If he is going to get a boring gift at least make him smile with a humorous card! (No bias from us you understand.)


Father's Day started in the early 20th century in the United States to celebrate fatherhood and to complement Mother's Day. The fact that we have a Father's Day at all is down to the hard work and determination of Sonora Smart Dodd.

The idea of a day to celebrate Fathers originated in Sonora's mind when she listened to a Mother's Day sermon when she was just 17 years old. Sonora's mother had died, in childbirth, the year before, leaving her loving father to care for the newborn, Sonora and her four other siblings. Having great affection for her father, Sonora pondered if there was a day to honour mothers, why not a day to honour fathers as well. 

Sonora began a rigorous campaign to promote Father's Day. Her local ministry and the YMCA supported her cause and the first Father's day was held on 19th June 1910.

Our 2015 Father's Day Cards

We have great range of funny Father's Day cards this year. Traditional Father's Day cards tended to be on the dull side with an image of a car, some golf clubs or a boat! Of course at the Comedy Card Company, we are biased as we just love funny cards - we genuinely feel humour raises the game when sending a card and it needn't be rude or offensive (though we do these as well !) Father's Day humour revolves around Dad's parenting abilities, his popular pastimes and his (bad) habits! Have a look at some of our favourites . . . 

Click here to view our whole range of humorous Father's Day cards.

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