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Emotional Rescue funny cards arrive at Comedy Card Company

Jul 11, 2019alan auld

Emotional Rescue is one of the most commercially successful publishers of funny greeting cards, including the famous On the Ceiling caption range and Norbert and Val cartoons. At last, these wonderful humorous cards are on the shelves of Comedy Card Company!

At the Comedy Card Company, we have been trying to stock the Emotional Rescue ranges for many years. Until very recently, they had a blanket policy of not supplying online shops. Pretty much every year, when we saw the distributor of this range at greeting card trade fairs, we would ask if we could stock them. We always got the same answer but things changed this year . . .

Earlier this year, David Greaves, who had co-owned and ran Emotional Rescue for 22 years (before the company was sold in 2013) bought the company back. Perhaps this was the reason why, when we walked onto the Emotional Rescue stand at a greeting card show this year, that we got a very different reply to our usual question. Brett Smith, the managing director of Emotional Rescue, couldn't understand what the problem would be. We spoke to the distributors of their range there and then and Bob was our uncle (according to Aunt Fanny).

One of the most popular caption ranges ever published has to be On the Ceiling. Featuring hilarious captions to retro styled black and white photographs they have been making recipients laugh for some 25 years. Let's take a look at some of their most popular cards that have recently arrived at our door.


We just love this one showing a man at a job interview wearing a Batman mask. He admits a weakness of getting reality and fantasy confused. His strength? Well, he's Batman of course! We love Dave, we'd employ him . . .

A classic misunderstanding when a car breaks down. Crap in the carburettor . . . OK, if it will help.

Another favourite shows a woman describing a wonderful new machine at the gym. However, it is not so much a machine to get you wonderfully fit, more a great vending machine!

This poor man has misunderstood the intended purpose of the Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner with fairly disastrous results.


Norbert and Val are an adorable cartoon couple who have also been amusing us for many years. Instantly recognisable, I am sure we have all either bought or received one of these cartoon cards at some point in the past.

The 'Heart your Heart' card is classic comedy showing Norbert having a check up with his doctor. Norbert mishears the doctor when he says he'd like to hear his heart and proudly gets rip a loud fart!

Another classic cartoon shows Val asking Norbert how his day on the golf course has gone. Going by the little bonfire that he has built under his bag of golf clubs, I think we could say it's been better.

With a nod to the trials of modern life, this cartoon shows Norbert being asked to create a new computer password - lower case, upper case, numbers, hieroglyphs, blood of a virgin . . . now all that's left is to find that Unicorn and slay a Dragon . . .

Finally, we just love this cartoon showing Norbert. Having been caught short while shopping in a DIY store, he is relieved to find some toilets . . .

There are various other humour ranges within the Emotional Rescue stable. Virtual Safari is a range featuring colourful images of animals with funny captions. For an example, take a look at this one suggesting that men can multi-task after all: a Gorilla manages to eat crisps, drink beer and take control of the TV remote control all at the same time!

When asking for 'something from Amazon' for their birthday, I rather think the cat meant something from amazon dot com rather than the rain forest. (No parrots were harmed in producing this image!)

Another great range is Seriously Just Kidding, featuring contemporary design and sharp wit. This is our favourite from this range . . .

There you have it, a little look at our new range of cards from Emotional Rescue. We really hope you like them.

 Take a look at the whole range - view the Emotional Rescue Card Range

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