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Funny new birthday cards from Traces of Nuts and Waving at Trains

Jan 31, 2019alan auld

We are delighted to present some funny new birthday cards from UK Greetings: hilarious cartoons from Traces of Nuts and some humorous captions from the Waving at Trains range.

At the Comedy Card Company, we are always excited to see the new releases from card publishers at the start of each year. UK Greetings is one of the UK's largest card publishers and home to two of our favourite and most popular ranges - Traces of Nuts and Waving at Trains.

Firstly, let's take a look at Traces of Nuts. These feature the talents of Australian cartoonist Tim Whyatt. His cartoons have been entertaining us for many years now. We're glad to say that several new designs have just been released. We love this one showing a man who has modified his hairdryer to his changing anatomy as he gets older.

Another new cartoon shows a dog moaning to her friends that her 'kids' have been 'getting on her tits' all day - quite literally too!

Waving at Trains is one of our favourite caption ranges. The captions just seem to match the photographs perfectly. We just love this card showing a woman taking a look at herself in the mirror - she looks a bit shocked. However she is not shocked in horror, more amazed about just how fabulous she looks. If only we all felt this way when we looked in the mirror!

Another great birthday card shows a man holding his phone at arm's length. His wife thinks he is trying to take a selfie but he's just trying to read the text on his phone! Ah, the joys of getting older and the need to start wearing reading glasses.

Speaking of reading glasses, have you watched Michael McIntyre talking about reading glasses . . . so funny.

These are just a few of the new cards from Traces of Nuts and Waving at Trains. Hope they made you smile.

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