This year's funny Christmas cards by Drama Queen

Oct 18, 2016alan auld

Drama Queen release a fresh set of funny Christmas cards every year. This ever popular range feature captions to old theatrical photographs.

Drama Queen has not disappointed this year, producing a great range of greeting cards packed full of seasonal humour! From old theatrical photographs, comedian Alex Lowe writes truly hilarious captions. The Christmas versions of the Drama Queen cards are given a dash of festive glitter to give them more sparkle.

The Drama Queen range was a finalist for a Henry Cole award this year in the Henries, which is the greeting card industry's equivalent of the Oscars. The Henry Cole award is for greeting card ranges that are acknowledged as having stood the test of time, a true classic range.

There is also a good range of Christmas designs for specific family relatives, such as mum, dad, son, sister, etc

Drama Queen Christmas cards measures approximately 6 x 6 inches and retail at £2.50 while the larger ones for family relatives are 7 x 6 inches and retail at £2.69.

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