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Jul 03, 2017alan auld

UK Greetings is one of the largest card publishers in the country. We have cherry picked the best from their humorous ranges to create a fun new collection of cards.

UK Greetings is a very large card publisher, producing a vast range of greeting cards. Their cards can be found in most greeting card shops, department stores and supermarkets. Within their ranges, they produce some humour ranges. At the Comedy Card Company, we have been selling two of their most popular humour ranges - the satirical humour of New Yorker and Traces of Nuts, featuring cheeky cartoons by Tim Whyatt - for some time and these are listed separately on our website. 

We have cherry picked the best cards from the rest of the humorous ranges, creating a wonderfully eclectic mix of humour in our new UK Greetings collection. As UK Greetings won the licence to use Disney characters in 2013, the range also includes some Disney favourites - from Princesses and Pixar film characters, to Star Wars and of course The Muppets!

The range includes some great caption cards, especially the Waving at Trains range, which we love . . .

The range also includes some classic Bamforth cartoons. Bamforth was one of the most successful publishers of saucy seaside postcards, back in their heyday of the 1950s. A great piece of British culture, these cartoons often revolve around cheeky double entendre. Despite the government at the time trying to crack down on the seaside postcard industry, which they found distasteful, Bamforth survived. Some of their original cartoons now sell for a lot of money in auction houses. Many of these cartoons and still funny today . . .


The collection is made up predominantly of birthday cards and also includes some great cards for her . . .

Why not take a look out our range of cards by UK Greetings?

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