Funny Birthday Cards

Have a laugh at our range of funny birthday cards! The best range of cards available online, with a wide range of humour, from all of the best publishers both big and small. All with the purpose of making the recipient smile as they get another year older!

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Birthday CardBold & BrightComedy Card CompanyOld dinosaur
£2.59 GBP
Old dinosaur
Birthday CardBold & BrightComedy Card CompanyGives you wind
£2.59 GBP
Gives you wind
Birthday CardComedy Card CompanyComedy Card CompanyMy party
£2.49 GBP
My party
Birthday CardPaperlinkComedy Card CompanyDrew a goldfish
Birthday CardPaperlinkComedy Card CompanyWhose birthday it is
Birthday CardComedy Card CompanyComedy Card CompanyFOIL - Music
£2.79 GBP
FOIL - Music
Birthday CardBewilderbeestComedy Card CompanySofishticated old trout
Birthday CardQuitting HollywoodComedy Card CompanySugar tits
£2.39 GBP
Sugar tits
Birthday CardWoodmansterneComedy Card CompanyBirthday Wishes
Birthday CardPaperlinkComedy Card CompanyTwo faults
£2.49 GBP
Two faults
Funny Greeting CardRosie Made a ThingComedy Card CompanyWorth a Shot
£2.79 GBP
Worth a Shot
Funny Greeting CardRosie Made a ThingComedy Card CompanyHangovers lasting 3 days
Birthday CardComedy Card CompanyComedy Card CompanyForgetting Passwords
humorous greeting cardBewilderbeestComedy Card CompanyWhale of a time
Birthday CardDandelion StationeryComedy Card CompanyParty like a rock star
Birthday CardUK GreetingsComedy Card CompanyYoda - no money inside
Birthday CardUK GreetingsComedy Card CompanyDon't make 'em like you
Birthday CardUK GreetingsComedy Card CompanyT-rexcellent birthday
Birthday CardUK GreetingsComedy Card CompanyPresent is this card
Birthday CardBrainbox CandyComedy Card CompanyGetting up to piss
Birthday CardBrainbox CandyComedy Card CompanyGrown Ups
£2.49 GBP
Grown Ups
Birthday CardBold & BrightComedy Card CompanyMonster hangover
Birthday CardGreat British Card CompanyComedy Card CompanySlow Cooker
£2.49 GBP
Slow Cooker