Cards For Her

Our collection of funny cards 'for her'. A wide range of humour is on display within this range of humorous greeting cards aimed at women, whether it's a female friend, girlfriend, mother, wife, aunt . . .


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Funny CardsSarah RayComedy Card CompanyAs beautiful as me
Funny CardsDrama QueenComedy Card CompanyHit the Gym
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Hit the Gym
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Birthday CardPaperlinkComedy Card CompanyDrop of Wine
£2.39 GBP
Drop of Wine
Funny CardsDean MorrisComedy Card CompanyEqual Pay, More Gin
Funny CardsRusty PencilComedy Card CompanyGreatest Misses
Funny CardsDean MorrisComedy Card CompanyA glass of wine this big
Birthday CardFernzComedy Card CompanyIf men had periods
Funny CardsTottering by GentlyComedy Card CompanyAbsolutely can't move
Funny CardsKiss me KwikComedy Card CompanyTwo on Sunday
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Two on Sunday
Funny CardsIconComedy Card CompanyEmbrace her mistakes
Birthday CardCountry CardsComedy Card CompanyPassion or new shoes
Funny CardsCath TateComedy Card CompanyWine on to-do list
Birthday CardCath TateComedy Card CompanyInstagram filter
Funny CardsCountry CardsComedy Card CompanyYou are what you eat
Funny CardsRosie Made a ThingComedy Card CompanySay when . . .
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Say when . . .
Funny CardsRosie Made a ThingComedy Card CompanyJust to the brim
Funny CardsDandelion StationeryComedy Card CompanyFriends are like bras
Funny CardsCath TateComedy Card CompanyAsk for directions
Birthday CardCath TateComedy Card CompanyWhen you have style
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