Charteris Christmas Cards

Did you book the hotel?

£2.39 GBP
£2.39 GBP

Funny Christmas card by Santa & Co

Did you put the bin bags out?   Yes

Did you lock the door?   Yes

Did you book the hotel? It'll be fine, get on the donkey!

Christmas card with a funny cartoon showing Mary and Joseph about to set off for Bethlehem. Mary is making sure that they have done everything before leaving the house. When she asks Joseph if he has booked the hotel, he evades the question and says it will be okay, and tells Mary to just get on the donkey. Typical of a man to miss the most important part of the trip! Wonderful humour from cartoonist Jamie Charteris and his Santa & Co range. This greeting card measures approximately 7 x 5 inches and inside reads Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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