Birthday Card - Where's Yer Bin?


Birthday Card - Where's Yer Bin?

Where's yer bin?

Emotional Rescue

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Humorous birthday card by Norbert and Val

Where's yer bin, Mate?

I've been down the Gym

No . . . where's yer wheelie bin

OK . . . I've really been in the pub but don't tell the wife

Birthday card with a humorous cartoon showing a man mishearing the refuse collector when he asks where his bin is - he thinks he's asking where he's been! He goes on the say he's been at the gym. Then when the refuse man says no, where is your wheelie bin the man think he said where has he really been! He admits that he's been at the pub. Great fun from the Norbert and Val range. Published by Emotional Rescue, this card measures approximately 6 x 6 inches and inside reads Happy Birthday.

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