We launch this year's funny Father's Day cards!

May 23, 2016alan auld

Our 2016 collection of funny cards for Father's Day

Father's day is our favourite of all of the greeting card 'spring seasons' (Valentine's, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day) mainly because it is the funniest!

We only sell humorous cards at the Comedy Card Company so Father's Day is right up our street. This is because, for some reason, it is generally accepted that we can poke lots of fun at dad whereas we give our Valentines, our mums and certainly the Easter bunny less of a hard time!

The humour of Father's Day card tends to relate to how good a parent dad is compared to mum, how much dad drinks, how lazy he is, how bad he is at DIY, or how bad his flatulence is. Poor dad - good job he has a great sense of humour!

Father's Day falls on Sunday 19th June this year (UK, USA and Canada). Why not make dad laugh this year with one of our funny cards?

View our range of Funny Father's Day Cards

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