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Jun 14, 2016alan auld

We launch a range of funny greeting cards, all published by Cardmix, with a delightfully varied sense of humour

Cardmix are contemporary publishers of greeting cards, with a strong bias towards humorous cards. We already sell their highly popular Drama Queen, Off the Leash and Have I Got News for You ranges and these are listed separately on our website. We are delighted to now launch a mix of Cardmix's other humour ranges - a lovely mix of humour!

On the Prowl

A range of funny cards involving cats by established and successful cartoonist Rupert Fawcett. Rupert Fawcett is also the creator of the adorable character Fred and the Off the Leash range about dogs. This time, he turns his attention to cats - their exploits and how they interact with humans. Some of these feline scenarios will be very familiar to cat owners!

Photo Cardmix

A range of cards featuring photographs of dogs with funny captions in the style of social media posts. 

Irene & Gladys

Irene and Gladys are two old friends visiting an art gallery, looking at famous works of art and revealing their hilarious thoughts. Captions penned by Alex Lowe (the comedian also behind the Drama Queen ranges) and Pantelis Georgio.


Fresh, contemporary humour from Dan Crisp. Illustrations of domestic objects throwing insults or sexual flattery at each other - truly original, inspired work from Dan.

Ed McLachlan

Ed McLachlan is a long established cartoonist whose work has appeared in Punch, Private Eye and The Spectator as well as a host of newspapers, magazines, and books. Classic cartoons that reveal an inventive imagination and a superb sense of humour!

Love Sick

A contemporary range of cards with vibrant, simply drawn cartoons by Jessie Cave, a young actress, comedian and cartoonist. She is best known for her role as Lavender Brown in the Harry Potter films. She also releases comedy sketches online, from which this range of cards has been created.

Tools of the Trade

Hilarious captions to pictures of tradesmen at work penned by Alex Lowe, the comedian who is also behind the successful Drama Queen range.

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