Daddy: A new range of funny cards by Rupert Fawcett

Jan 19, 2015alan auld

Funny greeting cards about parenthood by renowned cartoonist Rupert Fawcett

Rupert Fawcett is a contemporary cartoonist with a fine sense of humour, already well known for his adorable cartoon character 'Fred'. More recently, he produced a humorous range about dogs and their owners, entitled Off the Leash, which has also been very successful.

Now he has turned his attention to parenthood, with a range of funny cards called 'Daddy'. Focussing on the trials and tribulations of the modern father, we watch 'Daddy' cope with the sleepless nights, the endless nappies, and the sexual deprivation! Featuring sharply observed humour from one of the UK's best cartoonists, this range is a must-see for all parents.

Large greeting cards (over 6 x 6 inches in size) that are blank inside. They retail at £2.40 each.

View the full range of 'Daddy' cards


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