Just in - a brand new range of funny cards!

Jan 20, 2016alan auld

We welcome a newly released range of funny greeting cards

Stand Up is a new range of humorous greeting cards featuring funny cartoons by the likes of Berger & Wyse and Maria Scrivan. These talented cartoonists have a wonderful sense of humour and their work has been widely published in both newspapers and television.

Joe Berger and Pascal Wyse have collaborated on various projects including animations and comic strips for Channel 4, the BBC and The Guardian. Their title sequence to BBC1's Hustle secured Bafta and Emmy nominations (thought they didn't win and they describe them as expensive nights out!). Berger and Wyse cartoons have appeared in The Guardian for over a decade - from The Pitchers, a parody based in Hollywood that occasionally managed to be as daft as the real thing, and later on, cartoons revolving around food and some neurotic vegetables. Whilst they both have various talents and are involved in many different types of project, Joe Berger says that 'telling jokes in cartoon form remains one of my favourite things ever'.

Maria Scrivan is also multi-talented and is a writer and illustrator as well as a cartoonist. Her cartoons have been published in magazines, newspapers, books and appeared on television. Her comic strip 'Half full' appears daily on GoComics.com.

The Stand Up range is published by Woodmansterne and the high quality greeting cards measure approximately 7 x 5 inches.

View the range of Stand Up Cards - we love the humour and hope you do too.

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