We can now send a greeting card directly to a recipient on your behalf

Jan 29, 2016alan auld

New option to send a card direct to the recipient with your message handwritten inside

If you order a single card, you are now given the option to send it directly to the recipient. On the cart page there is a tick box above the checkout button asking whether you want to send the card directly to the recipient. If you tick this, a box appears which allows you to type your message. We will then handwrite your message (in our best handwriting!) inside the card for you. You can enter the recipient's name and address at checkout as the shipping address.

We hope this service will be of benefit, especially if you are short on time before a birthday, or perhaps live / work overseas and want to send a card to friends or family back in the UK.

We will never be like Moonpig (and other print on demand companies) as we only sell the original, quality cards that are produced by the publishers themselves. As such, we cannot change the design, layout or text of the cards. However we are very happy to handwrite your message on your behalf and send your card direct to the recipient. We do not charge for this service.

Please note that this option is only available for single card orders.

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  • Handwritten cards sent to recipient …. what a brilliant idea!

    Jo Royle

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