Another new range of funny cards have arrived! Say hello to Buddy Fernandez

Feb 10, 2016alan auld

We are delighted to welcome Buddy Fernandez, an hilarious range of funny cards, to our shop

The Buddy Fernandez Card Company is a fresh, new card publisher producing hilariously funny greeting cards. Featuring honest, stripped back sentiment, Buddy says-it-like-it-is! Simple, bold designs combined with sharp, contemporary humour, these cards really stand out.

In his own words . . .

"Buddy Fernandez used to work in advertising. Then one day he didn't. He wandered, lingered, drank scotch in a row boat. Soon enough though, he was writing funny little greeting cards that finally said it like it was - from the back of a Vauxhall Viva Magnum permanently parked in a Kwik Save car park in Rhyl. And he still does (although the Kwik Save is now a Lidl)."

The range features lots of birthday cards that poke fun at the recipient's age or revealing the lack of effort that the sender has put into finding a card - for example 'This was all they had left at the garage' or 'I got this on the way over'. As well as this, the range, with its humorous stripped back honesty, also has great leaving cards, new home and new job cards.

And how's this for a new home card - 'I heard somebody died there' or 'You sick bastard' for a get well card. It is a true talent to create something this funny with just the written word on a blank background without an image or cartoon. No surprise that Buddy used to work in advertising to be this creative.

The Buddy Fernandez greeting cards are priced at £2.20 each and measure approximately 5.5 x 5.5 inches. Most are blank inside unless otherwise stated. 

We love the Buddy Fernandez range and hope you do too.

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